A first Birthday for Libby

November Libby first Birthday 026

Babies First Birthday! Such an emotional day, so happy and yet sad too. Why must they grow so fast? A sweet friend (Thank you Monica) made Libby a Birthday Crown, she loves playing with it! Little hands busy trying to figure out the goal. Wooden toys for a little Waldorf Baby Cup cakes are simple, […]

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Halloween 2008

Our Halloween was wonderful. Gave out a lot of candy and walk and walk and walked. We where lucky enough to find a Sit and Stand used for very little money. It helped and Toby had a great time sitting and standing and then running to trick or treat a door. Crystal refused to go […]

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Tonight made history for America and I hope for the world. As my little Army family gathered around all the computers watching different videos on different stations we talked to our children about how important tonight was for us. Our daughter has grown up believing everyone is equal and it did not hit me till […]


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