Tonight made history for America and I hope for the world. As my little Army family gathered around all the computers watching different videos on different stations we talked to our children about how important tonight was for us. Our daughter has grown up believing everyone is equal and it did not hit me till tonight that she did not know that some people do not believe that. Her shock when we where explaining about brought me to tears. Children do not see color, they do not hold hate. I wonder how and when and why that changes for some. Once Obama won tears freely. I have been very scared over our future with another 4 years of republicans wanting to take choices and command peoples lives but not support them, not support those babies, not support peace. I say this in hopes my right wing friends will still love us in the morning. They know I mean no harm. We all in the end want the same things but go about them differently. I would not say the republicans are the wrong side, near nothing is so black and white, right and wrong, good and evil. Just that I badly want to give another way a chance. Personal freedoms and supporting everyone. One can hope.

Let us hope it goes well, lets have faith.

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