Inspired! Shop is Open!

On May 1st, my oldest child Crystal and I opened an online shop to share with the world the crafts we love making. We are starting with hair bows. Inspired by baby sister with the peace fuzz hair. We found that we have been making a bow for every outfit she has and when friends and strangers asked if we could make some for them, Crystal got inspired and thus inspired me. Our first bows under the shop name Giraffe Tales went into a box for an online friend who had her second baby girl a bit ago. Who better to try them out on! Amy Liz did us the honor of posting her daughter with bow and it was perfect.

So where did this idea come from? Another online friend opened an Etsy shop with her daughter, to sell crafts and Crystal got a felt valentine kit from them and it was perfect! She has wanted a shop ever since. Because the last while has been hard, showing my family the darker side of life, death and sorrow, I finally did it for us. Life is just too short. Part of the money made from the shop will go back into family crafts but mostly into Crystals homeschooling.

So if you want to check it out go here:

We stock every Friday at Noon EST.

We hope to add many more Gnomes and Math Gnomes next week!

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