The Stroller Gang

This is simply a vent from an insulted pregnant hormonal mother, please take it with as much salt as needed.

The Stroller Gang, is the headline name for a group of mothers I have been encountering as of late that I just can not seem to understand. They spend more time researching and trying out their strollers, spends hundreds even thousands of dollars on these things but give not a second thought to their health care or birthing options. They of course will not admit this beyond saying things like “I pay my Dr to know what is best” and the insult I was given when I spoke about how I think it is important to have a birthing plan “I don’t one to be one of those needy mothers.” NEEDY? Needy because you took the time to research options and you have opinions and you want to make them clear? Even if the Dr as some of the stroller gang said never even look at the birthing plan, it is there, you know what is in it and if your Dr needs to they can look as well. The “I talked to my Dr.” deal does not fly with me by the way. Your Dr has how many patients? How many things to remember at any given moment and in labor do you think your will be so very clear headed? Why set the Dr up to fail if a simple paper could help? I simply do not get why being informed is some how a negative thing. MD does not stand for minor deity here ladies, Drs are not perfect, policy can be wrong, and with the rising c-sections rates we need to know all we can about our health and the options for birthing. You do not blindly trust the people you hire to work on your house, your car, your investments, why blindly trust the medical world? I am sorry, but blindly trusting is why I think we have too many sheeple issues in our society.

So to The Stroller Gang, I wish you wisdom and healthy birthing and many “needy” mothers around you to help along the way!

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