A Perfectly Silly Dinner! Great on April Fool’s Day!


 This very silly dinner makes a great joke for April Fool’s Day or any day! Who doesn’t love a bit of silly fun? Most people pull pranks and jokes like this one on April Fool’s Day, but we are weird, so we did when the kids least expected it! This prank is great for kids […]

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Breastfeeding is not Sexual, but still you take issue?

The stroller gang strikes again…. The newest target to attack was breastfeeding. In the same paragraph one said that they don’t think breastfeeding is sexual but if they get a flash of breast in public then it is not decent. They go on to say that if you can not cover up and hide the […]

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Breastfeeding is not easy….

I had failed breastfeeding in my own eyes 3 times now. Hope Pixie — I was 19 and dumb. I had no support and when my own mother saw me crying every time I nursed her she told me to give her formula. I only managed 6 weeks. Teddy Bear Boy — It was horrible […]

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