Day 16 – Babywearing

Baby wearing is something we love and thankfully Smilie baby loves it too. Today she got to see the world from her perch on Dads back. He cooked and cleaned and played and danced and asked me many times to make sure she was in tight and right. Back carry is still something after 4 children that wonderhubby and I are very very careful with, neither of us will do it without the other around to double check on baby.

Storm daughter grew out of enjoying being worn at about 15 months. It would have made so many things better if she still loved it. We feel so free going places and being able to just put her in a wrap and have our hands to help with the other children. She is safe, and warm and can see everything she wants to while being worn. My all time favorite wrap is a Moby for the little babies, but when they are bigger a more solid wrap is great. Wraps are perfect for wonderhubby and I as we are not the same size and with clip wraps it would be a lot of adjusting going back and forth.

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