Day 106

Some days are fort days!

Every time little hansom would put it up, baby sister would crawl over and blissfully pull it down and sit on it. This went on for most of the afternoon and I enjoyed sitting back and just watching. I believe we need to play with out children. I also believe we need to give them space to play on their own. I love watching them play, it sometimes feels like spying, other times it feels like I am reading a book and just observing a scene from the outside not wanting to effect it but loving simply watching it unfold. I learn so much just by watching and listening and not trying to add to it, or take anything from it or changing it in any way. I know from watching that if I ever need to capture his attention, when nothing else is working and I need it, that finding a tent like area will help him. He craves the special space sometimes. Goodness his sisters help him to learn patience though!

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