Day 135 — Please go to sleep.

There is a book that many parents I know are loving. I however just don’t get it. The book is called “Go the F to Sleep” and has a lot of language I don’t like. It is supposed to be funny and to many it is. I however am aware I have no sense of humor. It is not just the language though, it is this growing idea that our children are a burden, a time in our lives to suffer through. People comment that others should have children close together as to get it all over with at once, as if it is a horrible time in our lives. I don’t get it. Our children are gifts and yes like all parents I get aggravated and annoyed and tired but I just don’t in my mind ever think “Go the F to sleep” I might think “please please go to sleep” in a pleading voice. I might with my olders simply say, “Bed time, go back to bed now.” in a sure voice. But I don’t let them cry it out and I make sure needs are met. They might not need that glass of water they are asking for, but they need something and it might just be more cuddles. That I can do.

So I have read that book, and I hope I forget it. I don’t want that language, that thinking in my mind tonight when inevitably one or more of my littles is up. As I type this, it is 11:50pm. I know my oldest is up, my youngest is next to me singing to a toy, and I think I just heard another little wake up upstairs and I do hope that one settles fast.

What I need is support in dealing with things when they are not smooth. I took this photo tonight of a book that might helps others if they are like me and not needing something with cuss words in it about parenting. It is not about religion for me, more about non-judgment and doing what is in us to do. I strive to be more peaceful and happy, not vulgar and stretched too thin over a movie night gone wrong.

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