The insanity of humans….

In Ohio yesterday it was reported that 51 animals where set free before their owner, an animal handler, killed himself. He was not a hero saving animals, he used them, and there are reports of him abusing them. It is sad and wrong.

However what happened next disturbs me to the core. It was decided right away that all loose animals where to be shot dead. No other option was considered. Reports came in about excaped giraffes and camels but no report from the police about them being captured. Some places say even a baby giraffe was shot dead. I can find no solid source to give you for this however so who knows. They right away started to bury the killed animals.

The idea was that tigers and bears and wolves would harm someone so no trapping or tranquilizing was thought of till a vet showed up. However when trying to tranq a tiger, it got upset as would any animal just shot with something and the police killed it. Some estimates say there are only 400 Bengal Tigers in the wild. They are on the brink of extinction and rather than consider one of many other plans at least 16 here shot dead. I will not share the photos, they are heart breaking.

Yes, I know people could have been hurt. Yes, I know most where large wild animals. Yes, I know people have been killed by animals before. I get that.

I just find it tragic. I can’t yet move on to thinking like others about making stricter laws. I am in the pain and sadness phase of this event. Some of the animals having been on TV and the entertainment world with celebs where known to be tame. But how could one tell? I was not there. I am not judging any on person or those ordered to do this. I guess I simply judge humanity. We let this happen.

Billions of humans on this plant have driven so many animals to extinction and 16 more extremely rare animals where not even given a chance. Some days I have no hope for mankind.

So many animals have done extinct to protect humans. 51 more join them now. I think at some point we are going to have to take some risks to do what is right. We keep putting just humans first for the “what if” situations and there is going to be no planet left to support us at all. I think those Tigers had as much right to life as the rest of us. We kill far more of them than they do us.

I am rambling.
I do understand the points others make for this actions. I just don’t agree. Maybe it is because I am a military wife and have come to terms with risking human life for the greater good. Maybe because I think saving those animals would have been the greater good. So much farm land, I really believe humans could have been safe till a better plan was made. I could be wrong. I know.

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  1. I’m heartbroken over this as well and blogged about it today too. I hope that some good can come from this tragic event.


  2. This bothers me tremendously, too. It’s not like they were rabid animals that escaped, killing their owner on the way out. They were – assumedly – healthy animals, and could have – should have – been captured and placed with big animal rescues, zoos… Horrible.

  3. Heidi Leanne says:

    Wow, I hadn’t heard of this. How truly distrubing and I agree with you completely. Our society is so focused on being safe, and not wanting to risk any precious human life from being harmed or endangered and are we losing out on SO MUCH because of it – like these beautiful animals, like our kids childhood’s, and our rights. I fear this problem, our obsession with saving all human life is what is going to be our ultimate downfall. How ironic.