October 11th — Importance of instruction

This picture is of my Kinder sons main lesson book work for the letter C, using Oak Meadow curriculum for Kindergarten. Simple enough, a curved cat representing the one in the story that we read. Waldorf inspired homeschooling has the parenting instructing the student with most things. The parent will draw their own image, showing how it is done. Calmly, mentioning that when writing we should go from top to bottom and left to right. But why?

There was a question in a group and I wanted to share it here.

When it comes to drawing a guided picture, she keeps telling me she can’t do it. Can I just let her free hand what she wants to for her letter?

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I have a 5 year old as well doing OM K. We are enjoying it as well. I know what your saying about drawing confidence, we have hit that a few times but mostly now things are smooth. I think the wonderful thing about block crayons is that you can go light at first and so can correct and blend things one does not like. If my son starts and does not like his work he will ask me to guide him. I hold his hand and smoothly do the form a few light times and then let him go over it again and again to make it dark giving him mussel memory for that part and joy at his work. I am not a great artist but trying to mimic the ones in the book I don’t find too hard. I had done a web class a few years ago on coloring with block crayons and have a CD of it so I am not new to it and that helps too.

I know if I show confidence and I am smooth than he will be more so too. I think the reason they want to have the child copy the adult is because that is what they do naturally at this age and to help them follow instruction and see solid authority. In letting them lead and free hand a lesson it is not helping to form the will of the child. There is time for free play in the afternoon, but lessons should be structure and provide guided security. At least that is my understanding of Steiner method, waldorf, that OM is based on. Someone else should be able to explain better than I am. 🙂 We are rather eclectic but I really treasure some of the waldorf things that inspire our household.

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I thought I would share this here as I know many of us search online for help and no one should feel alone.

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  2. Another homeschooler as you know by reading my blog.

    Homeschooling two is easier than it sounds. We’ve always done it and once the foundation is layed, its easy to just build upon it.

    Look foward to gettting to know you.


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