October 20th

It is not such a shame that I could not figure out what to do with the mantel place above the fire place for fall. Why? Because it helped me find this craft idea!

The little kids cut strips of scrap paper about an inch wide using the paper cutter. I put a little hole in each end with a hole puncher. The kids than used ribbon to string one side of the papers on and then the other side of the papers on and then pushed the papers up the ribbon so they bent, making the letter C. Tied an knot on each end and cut. Then they fanned out all the strips of paper. I made the curly parts for vines and we put them on the mantel.

This was a great project for them in following close instruction and fine motor skills as putting the ribbon in the very tiny holes was hard even for me! Near 4 and 6 year olds did a great job. It is not as fast as I thought it would go though.

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