October 23rd — Maryland Ren Fair

We made it out on a beautiful fall day to the Maryland Ren Fair. Here are some notes about the day.

– Entry was a bit high, we paid about $44 for 2 adult tickets but thankfully kids under 4 are free.

– We had read about horrible lines and expected them to be bad the last day of fair. We got there at 9:30 and got a good parking spot. No line!

– We where entertained while we waited and got to see the king and queen enter. This got the kids excited. Following them in the line was thick and long but moved fast.

– We went right and moved fast, we got to the elephants and far side of fair and enjoyed the peace that came with having that area almost to ourselves. LOL Later in the day the elephant ride line was long ($7 per child) but moved quickly.

– Plenty of seats for the first jousting show, lots of fun. Specially one of the horses that decided he was not playing that game. Course I then rooted for him!

– Food lines got long but coming back around just a bit later showed no lines at all. My advice for those lines, just wait a bit!

– Prices vary for items widely. You have time, shop around. I even saw some people bartering! Remember however that many of those shops only work two days a week for a short season and they provide so much more than just items, it is an experience and worth it!

– Be nice. There is no reason not be!

– About 1/3 of the visitors where in costume. We where among them. It is fun and people kept confusing me for someone working there and many asked to take photos!

– Many people asked to take photos of us adults but also the kids. Specially my oldest and the above 3 year old. I thought it so respectful.

– We left at 5:30pm and the line going out was about 10 minutes long, very good timing I think.

If you get to go to a ren fair, go! Have fun! If you ever see a blue Pirate say hello and tip her, she might be my little sister! 🙂

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