October 7th — Play Silks

One of the questions I was asked this week was “What gift to get a 2 year old?” and the first thing to pop into my head was play silks. We had discovered them on our homeschooling waldorf inspired journey and we love them. From baby to tween! The above photo is of my 3 year old, dressed in many layers of colored play silks. Her older sister dressed her up for a pretend game they where playing. I was lucky to catch a few photos. Soon as she saw me, it was all faces and sillyness!

They do so many things with them. I hope to get more as people keep putting them in the washer… friends visiting take some home inadvertently…. they get stained! For the most part though they last years, some of ours are over 6 years old now with lots of play time left in them. I plan to wrap a few gifts in new play silks in colors the children have been asking for. Better than wrapping paper that will just be thrown away right?

Do you have a shop you like getting play silks from?

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