November 4th

18 month old + Halloween Candy = Hysterical

Smile baby is fond of the organic pops as it turns out. She does not really focus on eating them though and they end up all over with her demanding another. She lost this one, on her head and forgot all together it was there. Her older sister came to laugh at her and baby took her pop right out of her sisters mouth and stuck it in her own. Problem solved as far as she was concerned, big sister however was upset she lost her afternoon treat. She did laugh at the baby so… even maybe? I laughed to, though I know my karma, dealing with hyper kids. LOL

Health: Wish I could say I was better, another hard day. Got sick in the Drs office. I dragged myself there because I missed my last appointment and Dr wanted to talk about my last blood work. He gave me a referral to a specialist to confirm Lupus on top of Fibromyalga. I don’t think it has sunk in and maybe thats good because I am in hopes the specialist will argue and find something simple to fix. -sigh- Neither of those things however to my knowledge explain the tummy bug I am dealing with. But do explain having little energy and the pain for a long time now and it just keeps getting worse. A song is stuck in my head and so I will share one of the words from it. “Whatever” LOL The show must go on. Wish me luck.

NaNoWriMo update. It was down to the last moments of the day but I managed to make my word count, but no longer a little ahead sadly. I want to get ahead enough to at least not need writing time on Thanksgiving. It never seems to work out that way though. I think the worst of the last two days have been having the story in me but not being able to focus enough to get it out. Hard to get in the mood when your so sick and can hardly stay awake. Blah. It must get better!

Day 4: Word Count Met! Yay.

How I feel:

No idea who to credit for this photo as it is floating around Facebook. It however needed to shared as this is how I am feeling and how others I know are feeling for one reason or another, or 10. Feel better ok! Smile!

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