The insanity of Coach, Ozzy, and Abi.

 There are so many interesting and beautiful things in our world. One of the interesting and beautiful things is one you might not think that I have an appreciation for. Survivor!

  This past season was fantastic! Wonder hubby and I don’t watch much TV but we make time in the wee hours of night to cuddle and watch this show together. Like most I dare say, we love Ozzy, we think Coach is really a villain in denial, and that Russel and his nephew need to be on an island together just so we can see Russel burn the church boys socks. I mean really, did anyone like all the religiosity in this season from that one side? I am not what one would call a blind follower but if I was devout I would be insulted that anyone would try and pray over a game, and like that…. as if them praying made them any more worthy… -shrug- It was interesting, and despite the things I did not love, I have to say it was beautiful. The natural word was captured in some amazing ways and it was stunning. I do not blame Ozzy for being the nature loving man that he is. It might well be some arrogance in him, but maybe it is really pride. Is being proud of doing things you have worked at doing a sin? Some might think so. I think what ever the case is, it allows him to be on his own in nature and love every moment of it. While I think Coach has more than his fair share of arrogance, I do not think he would have fared so well on his own.

 So what of this Abi I mentioned? I will explain her more in a moment.

 First, lets add this to the mix:

 In short: Highly creative people often seem weirder than the rest of us. Now researchers know why!

  It is an interesting read, and certainly Coach and Ozzy are creative in their own ways and odd as well. Reading through it though I got to thinking that they where not describing special people, but rather the human condition. I mean isn’t everyone weird in ways? Isn’t everyone creative? Don’t we all feel depressed from time to time? How about passions? Don’t you have a passion that gets you up in the middle of the night to try and do just because… ? Don’t you sometimes feel paranoid? Do you believe in things that might well not be real? If I am confusing you, then chances are you have not read that link yet. If you do though, please let me know if you feel like a creative and weird person. I just seem to think that we all feel that way. I could be wrong. 

 And this now brings me to Abi. You have not met her yet. She is not on TV. Actually no one knows her yet but me. She is a strong willed and hopeless girl that can’t see her own worth, or any goodness in the world at all. I hope that changes for her. So far though, 52,000 words and it has not happened yet. Thats ok though, there is still a lot for me to write before this novel is over. Abi has many more songs to sing, things to mess up, and animals to laugh at her before it will be complete enough to make me…. happy, enough. 

 My NaNo is not forgotten, but it has been shoved under other priorities sadly. Dusted off after a few weeks, it still shines under the mess of typos to be me and it makes me smile. I will follow this story till the end, I must. I have many 3am’s to fill with words I hope. 

 I am a year older as of the 18th. I am not 18 years old though anymore, and unlike the last few years, I am now ok with this. I feel more myself. It’s a phase I am sure, the depression will come again, I will get blocked, I will feel like screaming at sheeple from underneath the covers. For now though, things are good. I am sick and they have not figured out why yet, but I am here. Thats good! Thats GREAT even. I am so thankful. So your reading this, thank you. You must be all kinds of special to have gotten this far. 

 3am and baby is up, time to cuddle with the princess, Abi will have to wait till tomorrow night. 

 Sleep Sweet.    

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