Shutterfly Review – Giveaway

    Thank you for stopping by this very special Shutterfly giveaway. First let me tell you a bit about Shutterfly and why you want to win this! I know my fellow 365 photo a day friends will love this!
    Shutterfly is a leading internet based publishing company. They are the high quality you want and their prices are fantastic. They always seem to have a sale or special going on as they love their customers and are dedicated to making us happy.
 Shutterfly makes it fun and easy to be thoughtful and creative with your memories.
 One of the very special things they offer are Storytelling Photo Books, over 30 choices in story themes to help you share your stories with those you love. There are over 70 different themes for Photo Books but the Storytelling ones are NEW and beautiful, not to mention easy.
Shutterfly Storytelling Destination has tips on how best to capture your stories and memories through photo books by Shutterfly Chief Storyteller Heather Maddan. Each month features different content and December is focused on family storytelling, including tips on capturing unique holiday photos and how to tell your family’s story through pictures.
 I made my own Photo Book from Storytelling ABC theme. I included 30 photos and it was very easy to customize and personalize my gift. I make photo books every year and normally I pick the company with the best deal, not very picky. However after getting this Photo Book in my hands I have to say this is my favorite and I will getting more from Shutterfly! The colors are bright, the photos are clear, the pages are thick, the cover is professional and solid. There is not a single thing I would change.
Making this Storytelling Photo Book was easy, even when trying to keep up with 4 children at the same time! If I can do it, you can too.
They also make memory-keeping and gift-giving easy with personalized Photo Books, Greeting Cards, and dozens of photo gifts suitable for any occasion. To learn more about Shutterfly’s new Storytelling destination, visit
   On to the Giveaway!
One of my wonderful readers will win a
Shutterfly Photo Book (8×8 20-page)
With free shipping too! 
To enter please: Go to and then leave a comment here telling me what story you specially like! 

Please leave separate comment for each entry. 

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Giveaway Closed.
Winner: [email protected] 


Review Disclosure: I received this product from Shutterfly in exchange for my honest opinions. I did not receive any monetary compensation. 
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  1. Cute!! So many cute designs to choose from. I especially liked the ABC one you chose, but I think my fave was kid pop. Too cute! When we have the $$ for this kind of stuff or they have a special, I think it will definitely be hard to resist making a book or five. 😉

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  6. I’d love to win a photo book! I’m a committed Shutterfly user. ;D I’ve never used another photo company online.

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  8. I love making Shutterfly books! We’ve done a couple so far, and I know we’ll be glad to have them in later years.
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  9. My college kids all use shutterfly and recommend it!

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  47. I’ve made two Shutterfly books and I love how easy their site is to use and how beautiful the books come out! I like the Top Ten idea…like Top Ten Family Moments or something like that.

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  50. I like the “year in review” story book idea. That would make such a great present.

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