Girls Grow Up, Period.

Here is another topic many parents seem to not want to talk about. For us homeschooling parents we have to think about the best ways to explain puberty giving our children all the information the need, there is no public school to help with this. We are the health class teachers. This might be why I feel all the more pressured to make sure things go smoothly and factually for my children.

    Girls tend to get their period between ages 10-14. I think one of the things that might help both mother and daughter is putting together a moon box. A special box that is maybe a sewing box, wooden, hat box type. A nice box to keep her special moon time items. All kinds of pads, maybe cloth pads with a wet bag to keep them in. Chocolate of course, heating pad, any homeopathics or essential oils Mom likes to use. There are many things that can go in this box so that you can be ready and your daughter can feel like it is a special time for her and that she will have all she needs.

  Along with a special box you might want to consider sharing the latest science having to do with menstruation with your daughter. There are now menstruation blood banks! As it turns out menstrual blood has stem cells and they can be use like other kinds. While they are not yet using stem cells from menstruation on humans, they expect the time to quickly come. Here is more information:

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  1. Happy Whimsical Hearts says:

    Your post really resonated with me. I wish I’d been gifted a moon box and had the topic raised in a positive and supportive way. I will be making a moon box with my daughter when the time comes, thank you

  2. this is so good – i know you didn’t get into all of the issues of sex ed, but that’s an issue too. even when our kids ARE in public school, we as parents need to be there to get our kids the factual info they need. when questions go unanswered, we can easily end up sending well educated kids with good morals out into a world that will send them home pregnant with stds because WE didn’t get them all the info!