Sodastream Review — Is it worth it


 I can not say I was jumping up and down to get a sodastream. I though my children and husband would like it but worried it might not be worth the space and at worst might be just as unhealthy as normal soda. I really didn’t get why there was such hype over it. As it turns out, it is not hype at all. This product is fantastic! It is important you know this so you can know why this review is so sparkling now.

I think the reason why at first I didn’t understand the pull of it was because we are not really soda drinkers. The kids order it when out of the house sometimes, and at friends and families home. At our home though, it is rare as it is just not healthy with so many food coloring issues, HFCS, and artificial sweeteners. That is, till now.

I am so thankful to be a reviewer of this product! I had no idea it could be so “crunchy” friendly as a replacement for the soda so many are addicted to.

Setup was easy and directions where not hard either but they do need to followed correctly. My husband and oldest daughter both made a bit of a mess the first time. So know this tip. Fizz as directed 3-5 times. Hold the button down till it yells at you! The noise is not a pleasant one till you know it means your doing it right! Once you get it right there is no mess! One of the other great things is that ours did not need a battery of any kind and no plug making where we put it less of an issue.

On our busy counter to show littlecrunchy readers the product in a real home. Excuse the canning jars and other things not normally on our counter!

My husband being my demonstrator shows us the steps:

 Step 1: Fill with cool water to the fill line
Step 2: Screw securely on the sodastream
Step 3: Press the carbonation button as directed. 3 times in our case.
Step 4: Add your Flavor of Choice (1 Cap Full) replace cap on bottle and swirl gently to mix. Enjoy!
We really like ours chilled so they sit in the fridge for a bit.
We added Sparking Naturals Ginger Ale!

Did you know:
“SodaStream Sparkling Naturals…contain no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners, and do not contain any preservatives, making them a perfect, sparkling, natural soda alternative for the entire family. Each 750ml bottle of Sparkling Natural concentrate will make 6 liters (approximately 25 8-oz servings) of all-natural soda. ”

  And if that is not clean enough for you, you can try these: 

“MyWater is unsweetened, all-natural flavor essence for making lightly flavored seltzer or sparkling water. Each 40ml (1.35 fl oz) bottle will make around 20 liters of flavored sparkling water and comes in a purse containing three bottles.”
 Adding 1/2 teaspoon of raspberry to the soda litter bottle makes for a light uplifting sparkling water. For added flavor I also added a few drops of stevia and it is just like a soda for my diabetic sweet tooth! 
     The sodastream goddess in our home is not Mommy however as one might think, but the very creative 12 year old girl in the house. She mixes flavors and strengths and tests them out on everyone she can. Adding in natural fruit juices and pieces to make sparkling punch is now a tea time hit for her and other friends. 
   I now understand why so many people love this product and while I am not going to say it is a must have, I will say that I think from here out we will have one to enjoy and make drinks with! This product has A Little Crunchy approval! 
 Sodastreams range in price from 79.99 to 199.95. Flavors are 4.99 – 9.99. MyWater 9.99 for three bottles, 60 servings. Carbonator for 130L is 29.99 with free shipping at the moment.
    I hope to have a giveaway on this product in a few months for my sweet sparking readers! Check back!


  Disclaimer: I received this product for an honest review of it. In no way was I influenced or paid for this review. 


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