A Toy Review and Giveaway! — Ends 2/11

I am happy to share a company with you that cares about children, how they grow, keeping them safe, and letting them have fun. 
 Galison Mudpuppy is kind enough to let me offer one of my dear readers the chance to win their own Wooden Magnetic letter or number set in what ever patter you would like. The set I have reviewed and are in the photos is the Sweet Patterns Uppercase Letters. It includes 40 pieces and retails for $18.00

What I adore about these is that they are not the standard plastic that could well be full of toxins. In a world already too full of toxins and plastics that will outlive our children in a landfill, many of us are choosing to try and stay clear of such items when ever possible. Our children do not have to go without the things we liked as kids though, like letter fridge magnets! 

All 4 of my children played with these, making words, taking turns, helping one another. It was a joy to watch our 18 month old using them though as she is always looking for things to do in the kitchen while a taller person cooks or cleans and tries to keep her from hazards. These helped so much to keep her happy while other things got done. What a blessing! Best of all though, they are safe and fun and I have no guilt about having them in my home. 

If you would like to get something from this wonderful company you can use this special code for my readers here at check out. Code = zzz2
for 15% off any order at galison.com
From 2/4 – 2/11 12am est
Good Luck and Happy Safe Shopping! 

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  1. The 1000 Piece Puzzles are gorgeous! Nice to see a puzzle that does not look like a boring hotel painting.

  2. I like the Russian Dolls Tin Coaster Set

  3. Jennifer Rogers says:
  4. Jennifer Rogers says:
  5. Kate Sutton Holiday Gift Tags

    contactlillea at gmail dot com

  6. I like the Jungle animals flip and draw!

  7. Anonymous says:
  8. Allen Family says:

    I love the jungle animals flip and draw.

  9. I’d like to get the Monet Magpie Holiday Drawer Box Cards for christmas

  10. I like the Under the Sea 12 Piece Puzzle.

  11. Vance Creve says:

    Rosehip Weekly Organizer
    alliana88m AT yahoo DOT com

  12. bored2quickly says:
  13. the wooden alphabet is what my 1 year old can use..thanks

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  15. I really like the Sweet Patterns Uppercase Wooden Magnetic Letters
    – so much better than the regular plastic magnetic letters! These are adoreable!

  16. Love the russian dolls!

  17. I actually love the wooden magnetic letters, but would want both upper and lower case!

  18. I love the little fairy finger puppets, and I bet my girl would love the Mermaid Magnetic Tin set…or really I just want it 😉 So glad I stumbled upon your blog!

  19. I love the little fairy finger puppets, and I bet my girl would love the Mermaid Magnetic Tin set…or really I just want it 😉 So glad I stumbled upon your blog!

  20. sandy1955 says:

    The Fairy Tales Flip and Draw
    sandy1955 at comcast dot net

  21. intensev5 says:

    I also like the Pop Patterns Constructibles Building Set

  22. Michelle Macaluso says:
  23. maggietucker10 says:

    Love the puzzles!
    maggietucker10 at yahoo dot com

  24. Ronda peyton says:

    i like the Playful Animals Baby Book

  25. MommyMandi says:

    I like the Good Night Moon puzzle.


  26. I would love the Jardin Botanique Writer’s Notebooks set of three!



  27. I like the monkey clock
    job5707 at yahoo dot com

  28. I love the River Picnic Puzzle.
    Susan Chester

  29. Bee W Bedard says:

    I like the Fairy Friends Finger Puppets

  30. kcthelush says:

    I like the Jardin Botanique Writer’s Notebooks!

  31. debpaint16 says:
  32. Jan Messali says:

    I like the Under the Sea puzzle wheel.

  33. MJD's Mommy says:

    I love the Princess Puzzle Wheel.

    Kelly L

  34. I love the Princess Puzzle Wheel!!

    Shannon F.

  35. I love their 100 and 500 pc puzzles! Great for my 4 & 6 yr old(=

  36. Anonymous says:

    i like the russian dolls tin coaster set

  37. Wendy Rozema says:

    I like the under the sea puzzle wheel

  38. Elizabeth B says:

    I like the Map of the USA Sticker Set Play Scene!

    elannbe at gmail dot com

  39. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh I also love the On the Farm Wooden Magnetic Set! These are so neat! What a great giveaway!
    landfjacobson @ charter.net

  40. purehrt555 says:

    I love the Eric Carle The Very Books Block Puzzle

  41. michelleplummer says:

    Love the finger puppets.

  42. Daena Meyer says:

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  43. Jennifer Lewis says:

    I love the ‘Playful Animals Fun Shaped Sticky Notes’.
    ([email protected])

  44. Little Crunchy says:

    WINNER: Jenny A. Congrats! The giveaway item you picked should be on it’s way shortly!