Do you like to shop

I must admit that I do NOT like to go to malls, I do not like to go shopping. However I do love shopping online and I do a lot of our family shopping online. One of the things I like to look at are the one day sites that have great sales for a single day. Some of them are better than others. Have you seen nomorerack?

  While some of the sites I go to have 30% – 50% this site has much better numbers most days on 8 different items. I go after mostly childrens items as that is what I love to shop for. I have an issue shopping for myself and often feel like I have to almost ask permission to do so, not because I have to, because I am in charge of the budget, but because it is easy to spend money on what the kids need  and want but for me, it is just harder. I know my husband feels this way as well. He loves to shop for the kids but feels guilty for some unknown reason getting himself things. Do you ever feel like this too? as I said offers 8 different sales a day and there is a wide range so I can shop for the kids and be tempted with things for myself at great prices. Torture I tell you, the very best kind though! 

  I really do not like malls…. I am not a mall type of girl. Give me a computer and a sale and I happy. Give me a tree to sit under and a good book I got on sale online and I am overjoyed! 

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