Ideal Dog Foods!

You might be shocked to know that your dog is not a cow. 
Wait, your not shocked? 
But you feed your dog like a cow, full of grains. 
Ohhhh, so you know your dog does not have the same kind of digestive track as a cow or herbivore. Why again do people feed dog foods mostly made of grains to a carnivore?
Yes, dogs are carnivores, not omnivores by nature. We need to give them proteins, not vegetation, never mind grains.

So why has for so long Vets pushed foods packed with things Dogs don’t digest well?
Average vets get very little education in nutrition as I have come to learn and most of it comes from companies marketing to them, they in turn market to us.
Because of such a vet, my parents fed Science Diet.
Imagine my shock when I grew up to have my own pets, get my own vet, and do my own research all to learn that Science Diet it not one of the high quality brands in the pet world. Either is Iams.
So I wrote this brand off honestly. Choosing instead brands that have quality proteins in them.
I was given the opportunity to review Science Diet Ideal Balance grain free and I tried to keep an open mind! Unlike Iams they have not had any recalls in the last few years so I felt safe enough at least letting my dogs try it. The little one ate it, our older dog though looked at me like I had 10 heads. I admit though he does not favor kibble in his old age and rather have wet food, who can blame him at age 15. He is in good health considering his age though. In part to diet I think.
So more about Science Diet, grain free!

The first ingredient is listed as Chicken. Fantastic! Well not really all that great when you consider it is listed by weight before it is dehydrated and it 80% water meaning the real amount of chicken is far from the mass of a first ingregent as we know that by mass the ingredients are listed. So this one is a bit deceiving if you don’t know any better. 
What one really needs to look at are 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ingredients. So on Science diet grain free they are: 
 pea protein concentrate, potato starch, dried potato
Those are not grains! yay! But wait, I know dogs are carnivores so why would the bulk of this food be vegetable based proteins and not meat based? I know those ingredients are cheaper of course but if I am going to spend the money for grain free because I know that is not the best for my dogs would I spend that money on vegetables when I know those are not either? 

In summery, I believe this to be a 3 of 5 star Dog food! Not bad, but still not the best and not in my opinion Ideal at all. What are the first 4 ingredients on the dog food you feed your pet? 

I am a bzz agent and I get samples to form opinions on and share with others. Clearly my opinions are not paid for and they are all my own. Your mileage may vary and I could always be wrong! 
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