LotusBumz Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway!

These diapers are simply beautiful!
The PUL is quality and did not leak on us.
Soft Fleece Inner Lining
Squishy 3 layer Microfiber Insert
These are one size pocket diapers fitting Small to Large!
Beautiful diaper above is Periwinkle Twinkle 2.0!
This cloth diaper is easy to use, you stuff the insert into it and then put it on baby using the snaps that fit best. For my 2 year old the top buttons worked well with lots of room on the wings for growth. As it as has side snaps added it does not droop like some other diapers. I fully expect this diaper to last till potty learning and beyond for another baby! (No we are not planning one! Our nest is full!)
One off the things I love about this diaper is that it is not overly thick and cumbersome. Our little darling silly girl was on her toes in seconds and off to play. I caught up with here on a chair trying to get me to play a game with her!
This diaper did not slow her down one little bit!
And it was fast to put on!
One of the benefits of pocket diapers are that they dry in less time and you can add another insert for night time if you needed to, though we didn’t. Another thing that I find a bonus is that the inside of the PUL cover is smooth and so stuffing it is easy unlike some other pocket diapers that are sticky and make it hard to get the insert in and smooth.
One of the first things that stuck out to me about this brand of pocket cloth diapers is the number of pattern and color choices! Here are a few I specially love.
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For Fellow Active Military Families there is a 25% discount if you  email them at info @ lotusbumz.com and let us know about your status.


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Disclaimer: I was gifted this product so I could form an opinion on it. My review and opinions are my own and are not paid for! 

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    my little girl!

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  5. If I won I would use this with my daughter. Thanks for the giveaway!
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  6. I like the Pink Funky Monkey diaper best
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  7. My 5 month old son! :)

  8. My son/daughter once we have another!

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  10. my little girl

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  12. It will bless me and my future child :-)

  13. I love the Handmade Fitted Rusty Orange – One Size diaper… it is so unique and pretty!

  14. I would love to win the Vroooom minky print!

  15. My 6 month odd daughter

  16. my 14mo little boy!

  17. these would be for my 8 month old boy.I want to cloth diaper soo badly but can’t get my husband on baord for the initial costs.

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  19. For my little monkey boy.

  20. my sweet lil boy :)

  21. Anonymous says:

    For my baby girl due in 3 weeks

  22. Anonymous says:

    My baby girl who is 7 months.

  23. My loving 7 month old son would be sporting this wonderful diaper

  24. This would be for my new little girl.

  25. I love the plain colors. So snow white for me.

  26. rawr goes the dino

  27. I love the “Bluzy Stars”, “Sky Blue”, “Starry Night”, ” Periwinkle Twinkle” and “Blue Funky Monkey” …I love the color blue if you can’t tell…lol

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  29. i love the vroom in minky

    debnmike moretti

  30. My sweet, fluff wearing son who we affectionately call chicken little!

  31. Nighty night black!!!

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  33. I like the Green Beebop

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  35. Starry night and green beebop are my favorites!

  36. It would bless our second child!
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  37. I like the Retro print
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  38. This diaper would be for my daughter and any future babies :)

  39. I REALLY want the Handmade Fitted Rusty Orange – One Size.

  40. My grandaughter who will be born in July.

  41. This diaper would be for my baby girl :)

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  42. Handmade Fitted Rusty Orange – One Size is my favorite color :)

  43. Perfect for my 11 month old little girl!

  44. My first child in August!! : )

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  47. I like their ladybug print.

  48. This diaper will bless our new baby boy due in August! Thank you!!!

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  53. This diaper would be for Baby#2 due in August. Trying to build a good stash before he joins us.

  54. I like the Green Beebop.

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  57. I love the starry night!

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  60. Andrea Edwards says:

    On both of my little girls :)

  61. Andrea Edwards says:

    And swirly twirly is my favorite pattern :)

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  62. For my little boy!

  63. I like star butts best

  64. Tim Edwards says:

    My daughter and I like the ladybug

  65. My new babygirl and I really like the pink funky monkey

  66. My soon to be (hopefully!) adopted newborn!

  67. I like retro best!

  68. My little 2 month old daughter’s cut little tushie!

  69. I like the periwinkle twinkle!

  70. What great prints! My 7 month old could use a new diaper, almost all of his are hand-me-downs from his brothers!

  71. This diaper would bless my youngest daughter..

  72. I like the Mellow Yellow simply because my daughter does not have a yellow diaper yet. I LOVE the Pink Funky Monkey; it would be perfect for my little girl.

  73. Jocelyn C. says:
  74. This would be for my baby boy due in one week!

  75. Purple All Stars is my favorite print and this diaper would bless my little girl who is due in 7 weeks :) thanks so much for the chance to win

  76. This will be for my daughter!

  77. For my son.

  78. this would be for my son, Declan

  79. The new dino print that was just released is my favorite!

    -Justice Montgomery

  80. This would be for my neighbor’s baby due in July
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  81. I would love the vroom minky print
    beth.rees333 at gmail dot com

  82. I would love this for my little girl.

  83. I like the Blue Funky Monkey

  84. They have such cute patterns. This would be gracing my soon-to-be-born son’s bottom.

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  86. My stash :] Nighty Night black!

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