Sperm Check Review and Giveaway!


This is a review for a male fertility product!
While this blog is family friendly, it is also aimed at parents and parents become parents at some point starting with a sperm and an egg. This being said, I am glad to review this for my readers and to offer them a giveaway!
If you know me, you know I have a dear place in my heart for anyone that suffers infertility. I knew at a young age that someday I would be a surrogate mother, someday I would make the pain of empty arms go away for someone. I am so joyed at my surrogate path and being able to help as I have but I wish I could help more. So many couples have empty arms and the reasons are vast and often seem like a mystery to never be understood.
For females we can chart, we can do home tests, and be fairly active in trying. For men up until now the only way they could really see where they stood in all this was to go to the Dr and provide a sample there, often not a very comfortable situation and many men simply refuse. Thus I was so pleased to have learned about SpermCheck.
Male infertility accounts for 50% of all infertility issues.
With over 7 million couples having infertility issues this year, this product is very needed, specially as 80% of men in those situations have not had their sperm evaluated. Who can blame them really?
 SpermCheck Fertility is the only FDA approved, 98% accurate home test for men
Learn more about SpermCheck® Fertility and SpermCheck® Vasectomy.
SpermCheck® Fertility is available now in stores at Walgreens and on CVS.com
Before I give one of these away let me share out experience. 
The man that helped me with this review shall remain nameless, let me simply say I love him, sleep with him, and he is such a hotty. Not to mention a great dad and wonderful husband for helping me! 
After reading the directions one of his first comments was that he didn’t think the sticks women pee on to find out if we are pregnant require so much time or preparation. When I read the directions I had to agree with him till I remembered and explained that pregnancy tests are not the same thing. Female fertility is complicated and even more time consuming even with the kits they have now. Many women I know practice natural family planning and charting, this takes time everyday, for thought, and takes into account a few different things. While there are kits that requiring peeing on them each day of a cycle, that is not an easy thing to remember and it can be easy to make mistakes. So in this way, we both ranked SpermCheck on the same scale as other female fertility products. 
This is not to say this is hard, it isn’t. However the first issue came up with the directions said that one had to wait a few days and at best 7 days after producing sperm. This made things hard. More waiting for my guy. The next issue was that no other products or lotions or other fluids could be used to help get the sample, so there went that nights sample, thanks to a well meaning “helpful” wife. 
Again the sample was collected, this time following all the guidelines and following a few simple steps we had results 30 minutes later. He is clearly fertile. He knew this of course but I think guys like to know such things. 
One of the things he noticed was that the directions are aimed at the man, and he thought considering the product they should also address the female he would be sure would be looking over his shoulder. Joking aside, the directions are clear and while this takes a bit of prep, it is not hard to do. 
I would recommend this to any couple, trying or not, to see where that side of the fertility equation stands!
One Reader will win one a SpermCheck Fertility test!
Giveaway is from April 12th – April 28th
Ways to Enter: 
1. Leave a comment below with how long you have been trying to have a baby or if your planning soon! Include your e-mail address to be contacted if you win!
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   US Residents and 18+ only!
On April 29th a winner will be picked by Random.org and contacted, they will have 48 hours to reply before a new winner is picked and contacted. 
Happy Baby Making and wishing you the best of luck!

Disclaimer: I was gifted this product so I could form an opinion on it. My review and opinions are my own and are not paid for! 
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