Potty Training Fast – Giveaway

So you want to Potty Train your baby fast? 
Slow Down! 
Is your toddler ready to potty train? How do you know?

I wish I could say I am an expert in this but really my little ones always potty learn in their own time and I try to be patient about it. It seems when ever I try to get them to do something sooner than they think they are ready that it ends up taking even longer. My oldest was about 2.5 and then my son was 3, and my Storm daughter who does everything in her own time was 4 before she wanted too.

The hardest part has been being patient about it and not pushing. I mean our little ones tend to learn to walk crawl and walk and talk in their own time so why not this too?

The Mommy wars rage about such topics, and it seems a contest to get ones child to do everything first. Thankfully I do not play such games as my focus is helping my children learn and not to force the world and societies expectations on them. This can be hard though when your having to get your 4 year old trainers. I will not say it does not hit the ego just a tiny bit. Thankfully I have wonderful Mommy friends who remind me that I am patient and that there is no expiration date on when they can learn such things and that they will in fact learn!
Each child is different!

Thankfully you do not just have to listen to be ramble about this Topic as Earths Best has some great tips on the topic!  One of the wonderful things that make Earths Best an expert in the topic in my opinion is that they know what so many other companies don’t seem to care about, that chemicals like Chlorine do not belong next to baby skin, or alcohol for that matter. Their wipes are free of such things to and they add a touch of Vit E and Aloe to keep babies skin soft and healthy. 
WIN: Earth’s Best Chlorine-Free Flushable Wipes  and Potty Training Pants 
Giveaway Ends May 28th at Noon

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Winner: Jessica! jjak2003 at gmail dot com
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  1. We use Nature Baby Care diapers, they are biodegradable


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    We use mostly cloth diapers at home and disposables when we are out and about. I usually buy whatever is on sale
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    I currently use justsimplybaby pocket diapers and occasionally luvs disposable

  12. I use pampers or 7th generation
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