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A Little Crunchy is a Public Relations friendly blog!

Please do not contact me requesting free advertising / free guest posting!

Reviews: I am glad to review for you and try to get them done within two weeks of receiving items. I do not at present charge for my item reviews unlike many other bloggers with my readership rate. Because of this though I reserve the right to not review an item if I find I have a negative opinion of it.

Giveaways: I am glad to add a giveaway to a review and really prefer these as they let me direct my readers to your site and social media sites, I also find this a great way to introduce products to those who have never heard of them before.

Sponsored Posts: I am happy to post sponsored posts either as guest posts or I can write them myself. They can include 2 – 3 links, family friendly photos. Requirements follow.
– Must understand that all posts that are compensated for will be listed as such under FTC rules.
– Posts must contain relevant content to my readers.
– Must be at least 500 words.
– Compensation is expected to be around $50 per link for this blog currently.

AD Space:  Banners can be added to the bottom of my blog to appear on all pages for $45 a month, this same price applies for a side bar banner. Content must be relevant to my readers and family friendly.

I am very flexible and happy to work with advertisers. I enjoy sharing new products with my readers and love when I hear feedback from them about how they never knew about such a product and love it. My focus for this blog is sharing content with my readers but I know this blog has great value and that there are products out there deserving of the spot light for a moment. Contact me if you would like to possibly work together.   littlecrunchy at gmail dot com Quick Statistics

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  1. Jeniffer Page says:


    This is Jeniffer. I came across your blog( and I am interested to make some guest contribution. I will be happy to have a link return.

    If you need any fees, let me know. Look forward to your reply.