Fun Summer Activity for Kids – Ice Destruction


  • Hot Summer Day
  • Children
  • Ice Block Frozen that night with small plastic toys (In this case, Dinos) 
  • Hammers
  • Bravery
Now give the ice toy to the children with the hammers and stand back! Flying ice can feel a bit ouchy as it turns out. The two children in this experiment ages 6 and 4 quickly figured out on their own that it was a good idea to take turns or divide up broken off pieces to destroy a few feet away from one another. 
Now before you go running saying what a horrible mother I am as my 4 year old has no shoes on first consider a bit of the conversation that occurred before this photo please! 
MOM:  Little one please get your shoes or boots on before we play. 
4 Year Old: Why
MOM: Because you could hurt yourself with the hammer.
4 Year Old: If I hurt myself Mommy than it will be my fault. 
MOM: Right, so lets avoid that possibility 
4 Year Old: No, I will deal with it Mom!
MOM – Blink Blink Blink
She didn’t hurt herself! Actually her older brother got his thumb lightly once I noticed but he did not even mention, just sucked it a moment and then went on smashing the ice and breaking free the toys that laid trapped in the ice. 
Oh how they loved this activity. The one down side, it didn’t last long enough! 
Would we do this activity again? If we do not the children might try freezing our things in Ice so the answer is very much YES. In fact I have another one layering right now with new legos in it! 


  •  Layer the ice so that the toys or hidden things do not just sink to the bottom or float. 
  • Color the layers with food coloring
  • Add kitchen herbs like Cinnamon to make layers look like dirt and smelly great when smashing!
  • If you have kids like mind, don’t expect it to last more than 10 minutes! 

Do you have any tips to share on how to make this even more fun or interesting? 

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