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      On a warm summer day the door bell rang sending 4 children running to the door. Clambering past them I open the door to see the delivery man already in his truck. I yell thank you and he took a moment to smile and wave. The box was very big and all 4 children rushed to help one another carry it in. They didn’t help one another because it was heavy but because it was part of the fun. The middle two children 4 and 6 asked their older sister to read the label and see who it was for, each in hopes it was for them. It was however in my name.

    “I don’t think you can fit on that toy Mom” came a question from my 6 year old son. Followed by “Nope, this can’t be for you, it must be for me!” said my 4 year old daughter sure she was right. Knowing this was a blog review item I made the children wait till Daddy got home that afternoon. They said it was unfair torture and I let them know I could always give it to a neighbor. This kept them from opening the box but I admit I got some glares from them not liking the lesson in patience.

  Daddy came home and before he could even get his digital camouflage jacket off and hung up, never mind his military boots, the kids where on him chattering a mile a minute about the big box and the toy that was in it and how it had to be for them and how I was too big to play with it. He calmed them down and had them sit on the floor to wait while he got out of his military uniform. After he had a moment to himself and checked in with me about the box he sat with kids on the floor and opened the box. Inside held a few bright red pieces. Each child wanted to help, specially our 2 year old so had to hold her while the rest put the red toy together with delight. Using his pocket tools, the one as a Geek Daddy he felt he always needs on him, he figured it all out. When it was together Daddy instructed no one to get on it till we read the instructions and safety information. The kids sat quietly for him as they some times do when they know fun is right around the corner. But who was this toy for they wondered. I admit I wondered too what child it would be best for, I still didn’t know honestly. With the toy together I don’t think my oldest daughter of 12 years had much expectation out of it but she was still excited. She really is such a joy and a great big sister I must add.
So what was it?

What is a Plasma Car? 

  The ride on toy is a plasma car! A Kids ride on toy! No wheels, no battery, but so much fun! It can be ridden on cement like the side walk or driveway, not grass or gravel or sand though. It can support up to 220lbs meaning heck Yes Mom could ride it, Daddy too! This meant that our oldest daughter could ride it as well. I have to say she was thrilled. Given a moment the children all figured out they could all share it. That worked out they all asked how it worked. 

How to ride a Plasma Car? 

   Riding this guy looks rather easy so I thought we should let our 4 year old daughter have a try first. I would love to report that she figured it out but she didn’t on her own and we had to show her. We soon learned it was little hard for her to manage. She still loved sitting on though and pushing off with her feet. You see your supposed to sit on it and put your feet on it in front of you and then turn the wheel left and right to propel you forward. You can get up to 6mph on it actually! 

Did the Kids Like it? 

  This toy is a hit! Though it is hard for our 4 year old. What I found specially fantastic was how much the older kids loved it. 14 year old girls where getting on it to play and every child in the neighborhood that saw it wanted to try it. It is not a toy for our 2 year old but that is ok, she has lots of others. I have not seen an adult on it yet, and no, I am not going to take a photo of myself on it but I might in the future try talking my husband into getting on it so I catch a snap shot of him on it to post here! 

About the Plasma Car

   The plasma car is a fantastic outside toy that retails for about $60. It is stocked in over 10 stores in my area and Amazon has them for 39.99 at the moment but you know what Amazon the prices can change in the heart beat so who knows what it will be if you go look now. The plasma car comes in at least 7 colors I believe. Clearly the one we received is red. It is heavy duty plastic and safe when used as it is intended. It has gotten a lot of play here and so far no one has been hurt and I admit some of the kids are rather wild in this neighborhood so that is saying something! Another great thing about it is that it has a 6 month warranty against defects and you can call them about replacement parts. 
To learn more you can visit Plasmacar.
You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.
My family has been joyed to try this toy and review it for our readers. All opinions are my own and honest. 
Have Fun!


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Open to those +18 in USA and Canada Excluding Alaska and Hawii. 
Sorry the company excludes other bloggers from winning. 

Good Luck!

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