Greek Pottery Homeschool Project

A large part of our homeschooling is art work. We believe it is important because it nurtures the imagination and creation, things humanity will need far more than it will need parroting adults who think and live in the box and big box stores. I should though get off my soap box before I go further. 
Chances are if your reading this your a parent who is active in their child’s education, be it at home or in a school. I know your doing what is best because your the parent and you know best. No one knows your child as well as you do. At least this is how it should be. Sadly many children now spend more time with a teacher, day care worker, or TV than they do their own parents. Oh dear, I think my feet might be glued down to this soap box. 
The above pots are the creations inspired by the Ancient Greek unit study my homeschoolers are working on. Each tells a story or two. A lot of work and thought went into these and a lot of talk was had while making them. 
Did you know Potters where the lowest of the low in Ancient Greece? They created what to us is amazing art that sells for millions now but back then the contents of a pot was worth more than the pot itself and no one valued the potters. Knowing how hard it is to make a pot, never mind decorate them this is rather a shock. We did not try to make the pots ourselves with clay though we hope to soon. With this project we simply found pots and used black sharpie markers on them. Tomorrow we will seal them and plant in them. We have a few more waiting for our toddlers to paint as well. I think theirs will look a bit more primal with a lot more color however. I really love the stories in these pots and I know my children love them as well. 
The Greek unit is a lot of fun, from food to architecture and of course politics and war. Philosophy and art, heros and myths. Trade and Taxes. The topic is vast and exciting. 

A few of the resources we have used so far are Greeks: Crucible of Civilization on netflix. 
Some of the book: 

It would be wonderful to travel and could help I have heard. I think a trip would great for our oldest specially. She loves the topic and would get a lot of it culturally. She likes history and as she is a child that learns best by seeing and doing traveling would be a great way for her to see her unit up close. Someday! It is important to know that homeschooling is not about being at home, it is just about not being stuck in the same room being 1 of some 40 kids with one teacher having to learn at a pace that more than likely is not natural to them. Homeschooling isn’t the limiting environment many think it is. We love to be out in the world, living and learning! 

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  1. Rosemary says:

    What a cool idea to squeeze in a history lesson! Good for you 🙂 and them, now every time they see the pot, they’ll remember the history too.

  2. Rebecca H says:

    Great expression of how much fun history can be when we apply art and other elements into the mix. I love homeschooling! 🙂 Super post! Keep them coming. Have a blessed night! Rebecca @ Love2EncourageYou


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