Breastfeeding Makes Another Splash – Mom told to leave

A breastfeeding mother at Pirates Cove in Englewood was nursing her 10 month old baby in the pool while watching her older children when she was told to cover up or go some place else to nurse her baby. The staff clearly violated her law give right to nurse where she was legally allowed to be. This is nothing new, news like this hits the media all the time and like other times some great women are giving up their time to go and join a nurse in outside the gates this coming Friday to help raise awareness. 

Breastfeeding is Normal, Natural, and not Sexual! 

It has not excaped notice that at this park and many others tiny bathing suits showing more breast than a average nursing baby is common to see. I wanted to post a photo of what I am talking about but the ones I was finding are about porn so that is not happening. You know what I mean though! 
In the end what it really comes down to is that people are not educated about breastfeeding laws and that our society is still suffering a social illness that has it thinking that breastfeeding is some how sexual. 
You can follow this link to learn more about your states laws and maybe even print them out to have in your purse in case someone tries to harass you about nursing your baby!
Please, if you see a nursing mother being harassed, don’t let her and her baby suffer alone, stand up and let it be known that you support a mothers right to feed her baby and the laws that protect her doing so! We need to heal our social illness about this topic. 
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