My Wonderful Walls Review and Giveaway Part 1

I would like to introduce you to my favorite children’s room make over company.
My Wonderful Walls offers Fabric Wall removable Stickers, Full room Painting Stencils, and color-adjustable Wall Canvases all in adorable themes to help spark any child’s imagination.
They so kindly sent me the Forrest Stencil Kit and the paint set they offer for it in boy colors so I could review it. I chose to do the room make over while my children where away with grand parents, it would keep me busy while missing the children and trying to ignore my all too quiet house. Wall murals sounded like just the right distraction for me, beautiful and detailed.
My husband and took 11 days to get to the point of fairly done when I took the last photos for this project.
Phase 1 = Clearing the Room out! – Took 1 Evening
Phase 2 = Washing Rugs and Walls –  Took 1 Day
Phase 3 = Prime Walls  – Took 1 Day
Phase 4 = Base Paint the Walls, hills and sky – Took 2 Days
Phase 5 we added, do a blended rainbow in the sky extending onto the ceiling. -Took 3 days
Phase 6 = Stencil the Walls – Took 3 Days
Phase 7 = Put the room back together – Took 1 Evening
Phase 8 = Introduce the children to their new room. (Photos of this will come next week!)
We choose to do the wall stencils because we have a 2 year old who loves to pull things off the walls so the wall stickers would not have lasted long I fear. I could be wrong about this though, they might well hold up to her and not be like the kinds we have tried from other companies!
Photos start on Instagram. Parts of Steps 4 and 5.

The stenciling kit came in long boxes and inside one of them was well packed paints, the boy kit. In the other was the rolled stencils. I laid them out all over the living room so I could pick each one I wanted to use at a time. It came with spare large pages to keep the stencils on when not in use. I quickly though found my own way to store the stencils as I was moving from one to another so quickly I would hang them off other objects like the windows, chairs, tables, by a corner or side. Not sure this is the best way to do this but it really helped me be faster!

I adore this fox and as it turns out one of the few big box stores I do like has a bedding theme with them on it to sort of match. More on this later!


We had not yet figured out that one needs to color in the trees fully. We did however learn to enjoy the paint messes we made. The left photo is a rainbow play silk over the old light to add a softer touch to the room and to cover the too ordinary light. I like the effect.
My husband hand painted the Yoshi. This stencil kit is easy and it inspired us to just be creative!


These are cell phone photos on instagram so not amazing but they got great comments and so many people loved them I wanted to share them here.Continue to Part 2 for the Giveaway!
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  1. Frugal WaMommy says:

    I love this idea! When my daughter gets a big bigger I might try to do something like this for her bedroom!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is fabulous! It’s definitely something I would love to try in my boys room. Great job!

  3. jennifer zuna says:

    This is a great idea!! When we move im hoping the boys will have a bedroom with walls that we can do something like this…great post thanks for sharing=]

  4. jody cowan says:

    These look awesome! I love the trees! I’ve always wanted a wall with a mural. I’m going to try to get something from here. Thanks!

  5. Lil' Daily Deals says:

    Wow! Love this. My kids would flip for this. I had no idea this product existed.

  6. Great!Loved it and would like to do something similar for my grandchild.


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