Autumn Blog Challenge – Day 2

September 2 –  What is your favorite thing about Autumn?

I would love to tell you it is the leaves but my first favorite thing I love about Autumn is the return of the cool air. I love the smell of fall and the feel of it on my skin. The first day of fall here this year will be Saturday September 22nd. I wonder if it will feel like it this year then or if the hot trend of the year will push into fall as well. It was over 90 degrees here yesterday and I don’t love it one little bit.

One of my favorite holidays happens to be in Fall as well. Halloween! So often in our society we are strangers to our own neighbors. We grow up being told to be independent and it I fear has made us a rather selfish society. We don’t tend to know or trust our neighbors or care much for them for that matter. A study I once read showed this by explaining that people stranded on the side of the road may receive no help at all where once it was a given that people would stop to help. Now drivers go by assuming the stranded person has a cell phone or that someone else will help them. Having been stranded 8 months pregnant on the side of the road with 3 other children for 4 hours I can tell you I have found this to be true. No one stopped, no one helped. But what does this have to do with Halloween? The neighborhood is busy with children going door to door, saying hello to neighbors. People are welcoming and giving and everyone is looking out for the children and safety. Not to mention the holiday is just so much fun!

Do you love Autumn too?
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  1. gina valley says:

    I love that the holidays are coming, along with cool days and new boots!

  2. Tyler Coan says:

    Cool air and FOOTBALL!