Do any of these Scare You?


Welcome to Wordless Wednesday Halloween! In short, my aim today is to scare you by sharing with you a few images that scare me a bit! Please feel free to comment and let me know if I added a bit more trick to your Halloween fun day. Say hello to the spiky Beetle Penis! Photo […]

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An Army Wife In Love


  It feels like a different life all together, the life I had 14 years ago when I was just 18 and in love. My hotty guy and I had planned to get married. We planned a lot of things. You might picture though family not being so very supportive of such a union for […]

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How SuperStorm Sandy is effecting our Crunchy Family


 Right now it is 10pm and the rain is coming down hard and the wind gusting hard as well. We have gotten over 4 inches of rain today, I am betting more than 5 personally. I guess I will hear about what the actual number is for all of today tomorrow morning. If we have […]

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Tips for Getting the Best Deals on Your Family Wardrobe Online – Guest Post

Though clothing plays a pivotal role in society, clothing is not necessarily sold for a cheap price. If a family is on a budget, acquiring outfits may seem impossible. The Internet allows a family of any size to cut back on costs, and the information below may help in some manner: Shop for Clothes That […]

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The Pitch List Holiday Gift Guide – Core Bamboo – Review and Giveaway


Welcome to the Pitch List Gift Guide Hop!  I would like to also welcome you to Core Bamboo, my little high light in this gift guide for the pitch list. I was so thrilled to have been picked to review and share this company with our Pitch List readers. Check out the color brilliance of […]

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CyberSonic Toothbrush System Review and Giveaway I must first admit that I have a tooth brush system I love already and have for a few years now and I have tried a few over the years as well. This I think puts me in a special situation to review the cybersonic3 honestly and with an experienced opinion. I hope it […]

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Fringe – Did Ella Really Die?

While we are a crunchy family and limit TV that does not mean that my husband and I do not have shoes we like to watch together. We love watching Fringe and have from the start. It can be so gut wrenching though and the twists can some times be hard to follow, the endings […]

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A Treat For Halloween

Webcupcakes copy

I think one of the fun things about having small children around is baking with them. While we can sometimes find cooking and caking a chore, children just jump on the opportunity with fresh energy and light. Having so many little cooks in the kitchen can be a challenge, trying to find them all something to do! […]

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5 Holiday Shopping Tips You Should Know


#5 Shop Early! Many of the hot items get really hard to find the later into the holiday season one waits. I know I dislike this one the most simply because I think that Christmas and other winter gifting holidays are pushing further and further into the fall holidays and that we need less consumerism […]

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My favorite Boutique


One of the best friends a girl could ask for also happens to be amazingly talented. This mother of 4 special needs children, one of them adopted has an online boutique that is simply lovely. Let me introduce you to Journeys End! This friend knowing my children sent us two beautiful dresses, this one for […]

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Are You Setting Baby Up To Fail? – Giveaway!

Time and again I am told that certain people don’t baby proof their homes. They teach baby not to touch. From what I have noticed, this normally mean hitting the child, or scolding, or some other form of fear induced obedience. I can’t help but think this is setting the child up to fail. Either […]

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5 Birthday ideas for Her


By her I mean my Best Friend! Or maybe your best friend, or your girl friend, or the lady who takes care of your pooch. What ever the case, we all have women to shop for and sometimes we just need ideas so here are a few of mine. Recently one of my best friends […]

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Doggy Costume Contest! Come Win!


  Doggy Costume Contest! Brought to you by Dog Fancy DIY Hosted by A Little Crunchy We Love Halloween And our dogs can to. I know I am not the only one dressing up my dog this year so all you have to do is dress yours up too, share a photo, and you could […]

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Halloween Wreath With Kids


If there is one thing my little homeschoolers love to do it is crafting and as one of our favorite holidays is coming this was a fitting project. Last month my 4 year old and I made a crayon wreath to help welcome in our school year. This month this owl wreath made with help […]

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Is Your Child Ready for a Cell Phone?

Children and mobile phones

GUEST POST If you’re like most parents nowadays, you have probably noticed that the age of kids toting cell phones seems to get younger and younger. There are many determining factors on what age a child is mature and responsible enough for a cell phone of their own. Generally starting around the age of twelve, […]

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Nature Box Review

By now you know, I really love monthly boxes so when I heard about the Nature Box I was all in. I am so thankful to have been picked to review this box too! The box came in the mail quickly, it was solid and protected it’s very yummy content well! Inside the box was […]

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Finally The Eco-Friendly Paint You Have Been Wanting – Review


Earth Paint Review I have to say this is now my favorite kids paint and I enjoy working with it as well. For years I have been uncomfortable with paints that I didn’t feel safe with, that I knew contained petroleum products and worse. I have searched and searched and finally came across a blog post about painting […]

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5 Cute Halloween Movies for Young Children


  Halloween is a special time of year that most children love. It can also be a good time to help our children learn about some of the hard things about life such as how to deal with fear. Recently my 6-year-old son asked about why Mommy and Daddy watch scary movies and I explained that […]

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5 steps to start a healthier life for your family

  In today’s fast paced world, it’s difficult to keep your family healthy. With so much going on, it’s tempting to choose fast food, skimp on sleep and choose sitting in front of the computer instead of exercising. Even if you feel that your family has a serious case of the couch potato mentality, take […]

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5 Things to Make Moving Day Easier for Families

  As the big day approaches, it is important that you plan ahead when moving your family. Moving day is not the time to be figuring where your kid’s stuffed animals are, what you’re eating for lunch or where your contact case is. By thinking ahead and staying organized, you can drastically lower the stress […]

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