5 Things Not To Forget Homeschooling in December

  There seems to be a list of things one tends to forget for each season for me, the list in December is one of the most annoying. I thought I would share a list and maybe it will help you not forget such things too! 1. The Holiday Party Most homeschoolers have a group […]

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Approaching and Preparing Children for a Big Move

Talking to kids about moving

Moving from house to another can be an emotional event for anyone, but particularly so for children, but you can prepare your child to help ease them into a new home and neighborhood. Follow the following steps to help your child handle both the news and the upheaval of the move in a healthy manner, […]

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NaNoWriMo – The final Hours!

     National Novel Writing Month There are only about 12 hours left to the 2012 NaNoWriMo and if your like me, your looking at blank pages and running into walls in trying to meet that 50K goal. I think I can…. I think I can….  or so goes a famous little book I think […]

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Texting while Parenting: Are Smartphones Endangering Your Child?

Since the 1990s, child injuries in the United States have fallen steadily, thanks in part to strict regulations on everything from playground equipment to nursery cribs. Recently, however, there’s been a sudden and significant increase in childhood injuries. The potential culprit? Smartphone use. Based on emergency room statistics, the number of nonfatal childhood injuries rose […]

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Five Things Nobody Tells You about Breastfeeding

Studies have shown that it’s beneficial to both mom and baby to breastfeed. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, breastfed babies have an incredible 20 percent less chance of dying between ages 28 days and 1 year than babies who are not breastfed. They are also less likely to develop allergies and […]

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Strings of Love – A Fun Birthday Tradition


   Family Tradition As my husband and I get older we more and more see the value and importance of having tradition. I have to say he and I have really rather carved our path over the ears from choosing to get married without family support when I was 18 to 14 years later, choosing […]

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Tips to Saving Money This Holiday Season

     Reduce Do you really need to spend so much on those you love every single year? Would they still love you if you spent less? This is an option many of us don’t want to consider, but we should! People before stuff, and certainly before money. On your death bed will you be […]

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Christmas: Adding to the Collection

  Holiday traditions are common. Everybody has their own, regardless of how big or small they are. As years go by, people outgrow the same old traditions, which is why they add to them (instead of eliminating them). Such activities not only help families bond together on Christmas but also make it easy for them […]

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NaNoWriMo – Day 29

 50,000 words in 30 days! This means one should have over 48,000 words by now. Do I? No, that might mean that I wasn’t the mother of 4. Of course it is easy to blame the children and not my growing skills in procrastination. Can I call is research? 50k words in 30 days is […]

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10 Fun and Festive Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

10 Fun and Festive Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

It’s that time of year again when Christmas is upon us. Everyone is busily decorating the house, and the kids want to help. Check out these fun and festive decorations that they can make. Popcorn Ornaments Stringing together popcorn is an age old favorite in that youngsters have enjoyed for decades. Fun flavored popcorn gives […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Ice as Art


Germany 2009 By Artist: Nele Azevedo By Who? (Please let me know if you know!) I wanted to add this one even without knowing who made it as my oldest daughter loves Tigers and conservation of Tigers is important to her. I know she will find this piece of art beautiful. Photo used under Creative Commons […]

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  A blogger I am in circles with posted something rather negative about someone. It raised some questions. It wasn’t even that I disagreed with her. I started what I thought what a dialog on her facebook wall. Innocent enough. It turned into something all together different than a conversation. In short, I was told to sit […]

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NaNoWriMo – Not enough Coffee


Dear oh dear, I wish I could tell you I am caught up on my NaNoWriMo novel but that would be a lie and I don’t lie to you. I wish though I could lie to myself about this as it is thousand times harder to write when you know your behind I think!  An […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2012 — Green Apple Supply Highlight and Giveaway


2012 Holiday Gift Guide The first gift in our Holiday Gift Guide this year comes from GreenAppleSupply.com  They offer the best and safest green and eco-friendly products, from home goods to yes, gifts! My very favorite so far happens to be their branch colored pencils, the largest grouping being only $3.50! Such a special gift […]

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Green Apple Supply Review and Giveaway


It is my honor to introduce you to Green Apple Supply, a store that cares started back in 2004 by a  mother who just wanted the best for her daughter who was diagnosed with a disease known to have    roots in environmental pollutants. Fighting for her daughter, for all our children Stephanie created Green Apple Supply, a store […]

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Mommy when I grow up….

   Help their Dreams Grow It is not uncommon for parents to hear what their children are planning for their own futures. I still remember the day when my oldest just 5 told me she was going to grow up and find real dinosaurs where they are hiding. I let her know that the only dinosaurs I […]

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Birthday Party Express Review and Giveaway

Nov26 018

 www.birthdayexpress.com I was given the chance to review again for Birthday Express and I it could not have come at a better time. 2 of my children had birthdays coming! I was asked to pick a party kit and was surprised that I had not noticed them before, all one needs for a party in […]

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BeginAgain Toy Review – Simply Adorable


www.beginagaintoys.com BeginAgain toys are some of the most adorable toys I have ever seen! The toys are greener than most as the company strives to take OIL out of play time. We know OIL is toxic and bad for the planet and is depleting at a scary rate. We need to look to products that help our […]

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Pain in a Rainbow of Colors

  I am behind and suffering for it. So behind on so many things. My husband is thankfully on top of the house and helping with homeschooling but I am feeling a rainbow of pain from physical to emotional to soul sucking I dare imagine. I fear I am disappointing others though no one has […]

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Review – SmartLab Toys


 www.smartlabtoys.com SmartLap Toys is such a fun store they take a lot of the work out of hunting down great gifts. They make smart, educations, and fun toys for children 4 to 12 years old. Of course those are guidelines and older children I am betting will enjoy playing with some of these as well. […]

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NaNoWriMo – Trouble


I wish I could tell you that I have caught up, but not yet. I am worried I might not be able to. I am not well at the moment honestly. Fibromyalgia is having such a large impact on my life as of late and it is hard to admit it. Between the pain, fatigue, […]

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NaNoWriMo – Day 21


  This is how many words we should at least have by now! It is starting to feel near impossible I must admit. I do though have just a few words more than this thankfully. If your doing NaNoWriMo and have gotten this far, don’t give up. You can do this. There is a long […]

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NaBloPoMo – Day 20

  I think I might have missed a day or two posting this month already, I count any post as one counting towards NaBloPoMo though so maybe I am ok? I hardly have time to check even! Update: Sick Sick Sick.  Fibro Pain and Dealing with medication side effects as well. Sorrow: A women I […]

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Six Most Common Myths About Illegal Drugs

Drug myths (1)

    Myths mix with facts when it comes to illegal drugs. In the 1980s, cocaine was a huge drug trafficking issue. As that decade was winding down, raves were becoming popular venues for drugs such as Ecstasy. Now, synthetic designer drugs are behind some extreme antisocial and violent behaviors due to their ability to […]

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Tombow Scrapbooking Glue Review


Tombow Craft Glue I was happy to be given the chance to review Tombow scrapbook adhesive glue. We have had many tape and glue runners over the years and one thing is certain, all of those others have been annoying to refill or didn’t refill at all. When I received the Tombow TOM62203 and the refill […]

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Enter to Win a Cruise and Support Earths Best

I love Earths Bests and they are in a battle and need us! Not to mention there is a chance to win a great prize. In order to participate you must first “Like” Diapers.com:https://www.facebook.com/diapersdotcom/app_128546743959405 and vote in Battle 1 for the best stroller. Earth’s Best is included in Battle 2 for the Best Baby Food! You can […]

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An Elegant Gift to Consider – California Wine Review


www.cawineclub.com For the Love of Wine It might shock you to know that I am not the kind of girl that always has wine in the house. I don’t like drinking wine alone and my wine loving friends are spread out across the planet at this point. All the military moves have taken it’s toll […]

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NaNoWriMo – Half Way Point

My dear NaNoWriMo novel feels like moshing against a brick wall only the music isn’t any good and there seems to be no way to stop! I have spent the last few days going back into my story and flushing out some better character structure. I wanted to make sure I kept the start of […]

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NaBloPoMo – Creative Space


  Create in Small Spaces I think being creative is something every human being is born wanting to do. While we are not all amazing at it, that doesn’t meant that being less than great should stop us, it is in our nature. No matter how big or small your space, there are always ways […]

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Baby Teeth: Teaching Your Child to Brush

baby teeth

They’re just going to fall out anyway, so why bother to brush them? Just because your child will eventually lose her baby teeth does not mean you shouldn’t take brushing them seriously. After all, gum disease, rotten teeth and cavities aren’t exclusive to grownups. When you teach your kids how to brush their teeth, you’ll […]

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