Three Ways to Save on Your Homeowners Insurance

  1. Safety and Security You can decrease the amount of your homeowner’s insurance rates by assessing and improving safety and security features. An expensive security system will decrease your rates, but not everyone can afford the expense. That does not mean you are out of luck, because you can make improvements in less expensive […]

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Mothers Worst Dreams


  Time ticks on and the dream fades. My heart still aches with remembering the tears in that dream, the anguish that struck me. It is just a dream I tell myself. My body shivers and the world feels wrong. The dream was one I have in variations before, we live some place I am not familiar with in […]

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How do you homeschool 4 children?

Dec28 258_edited-1

You do so creatively! My oldest daughter is currently 13, then my 7 year old son, and then my 5 year old daughter, and then our 2.5 year old baby girl. I don’t do official curriculum with the baby but I will say she is starting to read and spell and certainly enrichment learning time […]

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Benefits of Video Games for Adults


While our hurting country is still reeling from the shooting in CT a few weeks ago, many are talking about gun control and some are talking about the dangers of video games. While I am not about to defend the more gruesome and violent video games, I wanted to share some of the joy that […]

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When Southerners Get Snow


Honestly I am not sure what to call my husband and I, we where born and raised in New England with 4 beautiful seasons. However for the last 14 years we have traveled all over and mostly down south. We currently live in Maryland. So on our vacation visiting family up north I got what […]

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She was losing her hair!

Two years ago I tried a diet that did not work well for my body, my immune system dropped, and I got sick. One of the other side effects I suffered was that my hair started falling out. I was shocked and upset. Some tried to say it was ok, that it was like when […]

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This kind of comfort isn’t just a fairy tale

Guest Post:  Being comfortable is one of the most important aspects of having a good night’s sleep. There are many different ways to get more comfortable during the night. Some of them only require the individual to make simple changes, such as buying a new mattress or pillow. It’s almost always recommended that people who […]

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Relaxing on Vacation

My family is up north at my Dads house at the moment. We like coming up here as Grandma helps so much with the kids and does all the cooking with Grandpa and it really is a break for my husband and I. The kids enjoy spending time with them, not to mention they know […]

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One thing we should all be doing as Parents!


One of the things I think we should all be doing as parents is preserving as many memories as possible. I am saddened when thinking back to the stories my Grandfather would tell me that never got written down or saved any place. Memories fade and people pass on. It is such a gift to […]

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Guest Post – How to Make Money as a Mystery Shopper

  It seems too good to be true–a company pays you money to go shopping or out to eat or to have your oil changed.  In return, you file a report online documenting what your shopping experience was like as well as reporting on the cleanliness of the business and the customer service you received. […]

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Traveling With Toddlers and Earths Best

Chances are if you are one of my many wonderful dedicated readers, you already know that I am a part of the Earth’s Best blogger program. This does not mean I am one of the best bloggers on planet Earth, though you can take it that way if you wish and I will not be […]

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Saying Goodbye to Lucky Dog


This holiday season seems specially hard for so many. Another hardship has befallen my home, we are saying goodbye to our 16 year old dog Lucky today. For the past year we have been trying so hard to get him to eat, having been making food from scratch to get him to gain his weight […]

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How to Stay Sane and Organized Your First Year as a Parent

Bringing Home Baby

Welcoming a new baby to the home is an exciting moment in the life of parent, forever redefining how one’s life will look. In addition to this new bundle of joy, parents will likely find themselves juggling a myriad of different responsibilities, challenges, and chores each and every day, and many parents feel overwhelmed by […]

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4 More Days and Happy Solstice!

Our Elf on the Shelf helped remind us all that there are only 4 more days till Christmas. This was a wake up call to this Mommy who has a lot of wrapping to do before we leave tomorrow night for our trip up north. There is just so much to do! I wish I […]

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Be Aware

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Health in a Hand Basket

  One of my favorite Doctors understands that health can come from vitamins and herbs as much as they can from modern pharmaceuticals. It is often sad that because vitamins and herbs and other natural treatments can not be patented, it is as if modern medicine ignores them because they can not make a large profit […]

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Why Pouches for Baby Food?


For babies just starting out on solids I think the jars are still the way to go for baby food. You can never tell if they are going to eat just a spoonful or a whole jar. Jars keep for up to 72 hours in the fridge. They are also easier to use than pouches […]

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3 eco-friendly wrapping tips!


  I am behind on wrapping honestly and with 4 kids this means I have a lot of work to catch up on. I wanted to take a moment though and share a few things for other parents like me who dislike all the waist of the holidays and want to do something about it. […]

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Hosting a successful sleepover

Guest Post It is only a matter of time before your child asks if they can have their friend to stay over for the night, closely followed with an added ‘s’, before you know it you are expected to babysit for a whole army of them! The idea of having more than one child to […]

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Birthday Wishes


  This adorable image was shared on my facebook wall by someone wishing me a Happy Birthday. It made me smile. I thought I would share it here with you. I am not sure who took the photo and would love to give them credit, so let me know if you know who they are! […]

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