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When looking for smart fun toys it is no wonder really that my searching brought me to P’kolino, they specialize in all things smart and playful. They started with international design students from Rhode Island School of Design to make toys that are different, better, and smarter. From 2004 to now and beyond they are leading the way in changing play time with more function for the home, school, or office and being smart about kids really want to play.

They strive to be eco-friendly, sound labor practices (would like to learn more about this personally), and they donate to some great causes. When we shop with them, we help too!


 This wonderful company let me review a P’kolino Little Reader chair, they shipped it out very fast and it came very securely packaged. I like to mention this as today I received an item I purchased online from another company and it was dented and hardly gift-able  Packaging matters and this company knows what they are doing and will keep gifts as safe as possible.

One of the first things to know about the adorable little chair we received is that it really fits the personality of my two youngest daughters who adore it.

Both my 2 and my 5 year old fit nicely into it and both love it. The side pocket is perfect for books and this is perfect for them as both little girls love books. Not only does it fit books though, it fits the iPad, even with a big bulky child protector on it. It is light enough that the kids can move it around the house, from under play tents they create to in front of the TV to play video games to the kitchen to sit and watch Daddy cooking something yummy while doodling.

One thing I know, children love having their special places to sit from tiny table to tiny chairs and this chair fits a need. If you don’t have a tiny chair for your little ones, I think you really should get one and see what happens. It is a special kind of magic, the magic of a child that feels they have a special place and the satisfaction they get when being in that place.

I don’t have any amazing photos for you, the best ones sadly died with my laptop a few weeks back. This though means we have had this chair for a while now and it is in great shape so I can attest to the quality of this product. My children are honestly not easy on toys.

Here are two of my instagram photos of the girls enjoying the Little Reader Chair.


As you can see, it fits them both wonderfully!

The Little Reader Chair comes in 9 different colors and styles, they have basic colors and then embroidered chairs like this one ranging in themes including sports!

Be sure to check them out and see the other wonderful gifts they have to offer!


One very lucky winner will win a Little Reader Chair by P’kolino of their choice.

Sadly due to the timing of this giveaway please do not expect it to be delivered in time for Christmas, it will however still make a fantastic gift for a child in your life.

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