Mom is a geek — Book Tree

“Mom, your such a geek!” is something I now hear coming out of my 13 year old daughters mouth. One would think it was an insult but alas, I can’t argue with her and truth be told, she is a bit as well. She will not however admit to it most days!

   What to do about the holiday Tree

Long ago the tradition of dressing up an ever green was created by those following a Pagan path. Eventually, like so many things it was adopted by those following the Christian path. Today many people of different faiths have a Christmas tree, a symbol of hope ever lasting even in the darkest and coldest of times. A reminder that things will be ok.

There are three options these days it seems for trees, either they are fake, they are cut, or they are potted.

  A Fake Tree

Fake trees are not actually the green option they might appear to be. They are made of plastics that are from petrolium, toxic to make and maybe even toxic to keep as they off gas, and did I mention they are plastic? This kind of tree never seems like the right option for my family

  A Cut Tree

This tends to be a better green option in that these trees are grown and replaced in tree farms. It is a joke though, Jesus is born, lets kill a tree! Joking aside, the reason we choose to not get one this year is because we are a military family and tend to not be home much around the holidays leading to a tree not watered and a possible fire hazard, not to mention the lovely pine needles all over!

  A Potted Tree

A potted tree sounds like a perfect green solution right? Only I keep killing them every time we get one and they never really look all that great. Did I mention I end up killing them? So this didn’t seem like the right option either.

So that left me no options right? Well as you can see, I still used wood, and it is a green option! It isn’t fancy, but some how it is perfect. The family made it together and while the top of it is not what one would call stable, it is still loved, specially by the kids. I think the husband is itching to fix the lights on it though. I used them to make the top more secure and so they are not wrapped in the way her would like. I hope they do not fall over and squish him when it finally bugs him so much he has to do something about it!

  We love the Book Tree

All 4 children love the book tree, they go on and on about it and tell everyone about it. I thought maybe they would miss having a more traditional tree but that does not seem to be the case. I love looking at it, it has some of my favorite books in it and even some advocacy books in it supporting thinks like not spanking and breastfeeding. Near the top the kids piled on “Magic Tree House” books. Tucked sweetly in there is a book my husband and I read together when we dated. It is a holiday tree that has so much meaning and memories and goals in it. We love the book tree! I bet if you make one, you will too!

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  1. I love book trees but between my giant dog, two rowdy cats, and 3 year old I’d need a permanent one. I thought about grabbing lots of old yard sale books for one but I’m definitely not handy enough to make one on my own. Lol Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. What a creative tree! I love it. Heading to pin that now. We do the traditional tree, but this is so cool!

  3. This is by far the coolest Christmas tree I’ve seen! I’m a bookworm, so this one is highly appreciated! I’ll share it on my FB page. 🙂 Awesome!

  4. This tree is awesome! We have a regular fake 7 foot tree! I am going to bookmark this, to make this for next year, we have alot of old books that can be put to good use!

  5. Clever, clever, clever! I just pinned it, so I can remember to show the bookworms in my life!

  6. What a cool idea! I’m an English teacher-this would be fun to do in the classroom, if I could celebrate Christmas at school!

  7. 시 재 (@RebelSweetHrt) says:

    Looks great, but I don’t think a tree like that would survive a day with my son.

  8. How cool! And what a fun project to do with the whole family. Thanks for a great idea!

  9. Lorayne Gothard says:

    I have never seen a book tree before!! That is really cool!!

  10. Maria Iemma says:

    How very creative to make a tree out of books! I have to try it one day….

  11. Karren Haller says:

    Geek is good, sometimes thats a teens way, you did great love the touch of Elf On The Shelf, hes still present from Christmas making his way into drawers, closets, the fridge and where ever we can hide him. I am stopping by from Comment Starter, hope to have you stop by as well, Thanks Karren Oh!My Heartsie Reviews

  12. Caitlan Meador says:

    This is so cute! I love it. We are a family of bookworms 🙂

  13. I must say this is a very interesting tree which I never ever would have thought of doing as I am one who tries to do a different Christmas tree every year. I love books so this is right up my alley as they say. Tho I would be afraid that the lights might spark on the books and catch fire. It would be cute just to do a small one and when the holiday is over give the books as gifts to family and friends.

    • Kimberly Storms says:

      LED lights don’t get hot but your right, things happen and sparks are not friends of books! What a great idea to get books to make a tree and then gift them!

  14. Nena Sinclair says:

    I love the book tree, it’s unique and different! What a great idea!

  15. Lenora D says:

    I love this! I have some real decluttering to do but this will at least give me an excuse to leave them in a box instead of getting rid of them.

  16. Amanda says:

    I LOVE the book tree! You made it sound so easy to “put up”! My son age 6 loves reading and this would be a nice little surprise that would could put in his room and let him do on his own…such a great idea!!! Thanks!

  17. tia albright says:

    this book tree is AMAZING LOL I love to read and so far my children are taking after me because we have a whole bookshelf of books that they read on a daily plus weekly visits to the library

  18. Jaimie M. Engle says:

    That is the coolest Christmas tree EVER! I’m totally jealous… May be copying you this year. 🙂


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