2013 Holiday Gift Guide

2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Look for the 2014 Gift Guide coming soon!


Click to read about the Learning Resources Review and Giveaway!

Shop at learningresources.com for great gifts!

Learning Resources is a company dedicated to bringing parents and educators and all those in the lives of children the best products to help kids learn. They know that play is learning and that children thrive when things are hands on and interesting. They have gifts in all price ranges and make it easy to shop by age, or subject, or special need. They have free shipping on orders over $50 as well! Don’t miss out on great learning toys for the kids this year and check out their best toys in 2013! Be sure to follow the Learning Resources facebook page to not miss sales and tips!




HandAble Review and Giveaway

Shop HandAble Now!

A HandAble is a small device that attaches to most any cell phone or tablet and helps you not to drop it. It helps give you more control over your phone and less worry about it falling. It is simple to use and can save you a lot of money! These would be perfect as gift and as stocking stuffers! This mobile accessory is a must have for anyone who has ever dropped a phone. This is most of us!



Ornaments With Love Review and Giveaway

Shop Ornaments With Love

This wonderful company knows the importance of making and keeping memories and how personal they are. Within minutes you can customize an adorable ornament to fit your family or a memory and have it shipped right out to you. I was so thrilled to find so many options for my large family on an Ornament on their site. They have single parent families and many more! The prices are wonderful and these make great gifts! Check out the review and the giveaway!



California Delicious gift baskets! Review and Giveaway

Shop California Delicious gift baskets!

This company has gifts for Mom, Dad, Sisters and the person who has everything. I plan on getting my own Dad who is impossible to shop for a micro beer gift Basket! They have beautiful spa baskets and wine baskets and of course the perfect chocolate towers! This company ships fast, they care, and they want to help you find the right it for the right person. They have so many choices in different price ranges! If you have someone on your list impossible to shop for, check out California Delicious Gift Baskets!


Essential Oil Review

Shop Essential Oils

Essential oils in my opinion are health boosters that every home should have. People have used them for health for a very long time and many are again as they try to get away from the side effects of common things in the medicine cabinet. My midwife years back introduced me to the best essential oils and I want to share them with you!



Click to see the review of Westmama Designs on Etsy

Shop Westmama

Westmama is a creative shop with clothing and items for the whole family. With witty, adorable, and crunchy designs this is a shop that is dear to my heart! Maybe you have a Dad with a great sense of humor, or looking for a great gift for a child who has everything but not a lolly pop licking Dinosaur shirt! These handmade items are a great eco-friendly alternative than shopping the big box stores and helps to support an artist!




New Review Coming Soon

Last Review Of Green Apple Supply

Green Apple Supply

Green Apple Supply is a company I am happy to share with you. It is an eco-friendly not for profit that seeks out the best green products and aims to make them affordable for everyone. They know what it is like to sometimes have to pick the product that is cheaper because you can’t justify the money to spend on the eco-friendly product you rather buy. They have office supplies, house hold supplies, school supplies, GIFTS AND TOYS! The recycled cardboard Zoo is one of the gifts I ordered and will be giving to a special little someone soon. The price is great and I know it will be loved. So many of their products make great gifts so you check them out. I think other Crunchy parents will really appreciate this shop!


Check out the HomeBins Review here!

Shop HomeBins.com

Homebins is a great company that just wants to help families organize their spaces and provide quality products. They have beautiful toy bins and book displays that make great holiday gifts this year! I was asked what by a friend what she should get her 2 year old boy who as everything and I told her to check out the toy bins at Homebins.com as the little boy needs storage for all his great toys. I love the toy min we have from them and the kids do too!



Shop Knits By Erin

As a crunchy parent I love handmade items and I try to shop handmade often. I am lucky to know a few work at home artists and one of them is Erin, who is one of my oldest friends. She makes adorable items and might have the perfect gift for someone you love. Her prices are cheap for gifts so if your on a tight budget, be sure to check out her Etsy shop!


CreaProducts Review

Shop CreaProducts for the Holidays

CreaClips are amazing tools to help you get the right cut for the style you want. Great for parents who like to keep up with their childrens quickly growing bangs and hair and their own split ends. Save lots of money by doing your own trims! These products make great gifts, would be great as a stocking stuffer, and is something you should be sure to not miss! Check out the review link above! “So easy, even Dads can do it!” (a quote from my silly husband who actually cut my hair with CreaClip and did a great job!)

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