The of Love – Giveaway

  It is that time of year and love is in the air. At least it is for a lucky few of us. Not everyone though has someone special this year. Know that you are not alone and we care! If your lucky or alone this giveaway is for you! As humans we have 5 […]

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Guest Post: How to make the House Greener

  An energy-efficient home is good for the environment, plus you can save money on energy costs. If you’re not familiar with eco-friendly techniques, you might feel that it’s expensive to go green. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Simple techniques can make your home greener. And the best part, you don’t have to […]

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Dealing with those who do not use Reason and Logic

One of the beautiful things about humans is our ability to grow and adapt in many different kinds of situations. We eventually can see when we are wrong and adjust course, sometimes this takes many many years. Consider for a moment how long people believed the earth was flat, consider the hardship that was placed […]

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5 Ways to How to Help When Your Soldier Has PTSD


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can strike anyone, as the disorder’s named, being a part of a traumatic situation can cause this to occur. High stress combat zones and trauma beyond normal will cause most people to experience some symptoms of PTSD. These triggers manifest in certain situations or locations, and this disorder may not emerge […]

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Are all GMO’s Bad?

  I was invited to sign a petition to show concern over GMO’s and to ask for foods be labeled as such. I do this when ever I see them because I do not believe that GMO’s in our food supply have been studies enough. I mean grains and fruits and veggies are being genetically […]

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Guest Post: Musical Styles for Children

  Thanks to a little something called ‘The Mozart Effect’ there are a lot of parents bombarding their children’s ears with classical music, in particular, Mozart. The theory, researched in the 1900’s by Frances Rauscher, was that listening to the music of Amadeus Mozart increased neuron pathways in the brain and had a positive effect […]

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Children’s Book Review: The Sandman


The Sandman is an adorable story written by Ralph Fletcher and beautifully illustrated by Richard Cowdrey. The cover pulls you in right from the start with an adorable white mouse pulling a little cart behind him with a man that looks like the classic grandfather. The cover sparkles and helps add to the excite of […]

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The Organizational Tip You’re Forgetting This Year!


  Do you remember what you promised yourself around the time the ball dropped on the new year this year? Maybe the memory has faded lost in the kissing and bubbly celebration, or maybe you just whispered something while tucking in a child for the 4th time that night. Chance are, you made a resolution […]

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I love Science – Babies start to learn language before birth!

We have for a long time known that babies come into the world knowing the voice of their mothers and those closest to them. It was always a great excuse for me to read to my babies while they where still in my womb, even if what I was reading was not a children’s book. […]

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One of the things New Parents often need help with, Photos!

  The day finally comes, the birthday of your darling baby that you have waited so long for. Your heart full and excited, fearful and rushed. Each birth is different of course but I am reminded of my sons birth. We had gone to the hospital hours after my water broke. I was finding labor […]

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Earth’s Best – Meet Kate

Meet Kate! Did you know that Earth’s Best has its very own medical advisory board? This board provides ongoing counsel on important health issues, nutritional requirements for babies, toddlers and children and develops products that positively contribute to a child’s growth and development. Kate Geagan Earth’s Best’s award-winning registered dietitian! Kate is a nationally known […]

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Enter for your chance to win $25,000 from Auntie Anne’s! — Enter Every Day

  Click the image below for a chance to win many great prizes!      Auntie Anne’s is celebrating 25 pretzel perfect years with the introduction of their brand new Honey Whole Grain Pretzel! Click here for a chance to win $25,000 and an opportunity to try your hand at rolling your very own Auntie […]

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Importance of Family Nights

  In an age where people stay constantly connected to one another though cellphone, tablets, laptops and social media, the family unit still seems to consistently struggle to become something strong and unbreakable. In fact, most families are bonding less, despite the ease of finding things to do with one another. Spending time as a […]

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Why I am an Earth’s Best Blogger

For years now my family and I have loved Earth’s Best products. As a consumer I didn’t know everything about the company that I do now and I love it even more. I also didn’t know that Earth’s Best has over 100 products. They are also the only company right now who that both jar […]

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PolarPillow Review – Giveaway


   The PolarPillow is a pillow to love! This pillow is exactly what it promises to be, a pillow that is actually cold and provides a comfortable sleeping surface so one can get a better nights sleep. My husband has often joked that I would be happy sleeping outside in the winter, or that I […]

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Guest Post – Avoiding Toy Related Injuries

It’s something that no parent wants to think about, but it happens more often than you think. Toy-related injuries are surprisingly common, and over 168,000 children are treated in emergency rooms each year for toy related injuries. There are ways to avoid these injuries and keep your children safe. Know the facts when it comes […]

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Children’s Book Review: Rhubarb By Stephen Cosgrove


A mothers love of books It all started I suppose when I was a young girl, my mother loved to read and loved books. She would read to us and tell us tails of far off lands and stories she made out of thin air. It was magical with her, the good times that is. […]

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Not the sharpest tack on Chrome

If your like many Americans, you might have issues with grammar. I certainly do and it isn’t a secret. My life is an open book, a sometimes poorly written open book. It started perhaps when I was a tiny innocent baby and my well meaning parents vaccinated me. I got very sick, fevers of 106 […]

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Tips for Decorating a Teenager’s Bathroom


  With a teenager in the house, it can be a wonder if you ever get to use your bathroom. And it’s not just girls with makeup — both genders spendmore time grooming during these formative years. If you have a few available bathrooms, letting your teenager have one of his or her own can […]

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Should They Clean Their Room?


Photo a day – day 14 My youngest ones share a room and what an interesting and fun room it is. Tonight though, it is one heck of a messy room! They should clean it up don’t you think? These days it seems harder to get them to do so, I think though it is […]

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The New Year – New You Giveaway


With a new year comes new resolutions. As you know, I have a few of them. One is take a photo a day of something or other going on with my family. Another goal is to go gluten free for 2013. I also really need to get better organized! I have a few more resolutions […]

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9 Tips to Consider when Discussing Prior Drug Use with Your Children

9 Tips to Consider when Dicussing Prior Drug Use with Your Children

If you are like many people, you may have indulged in experimentation with drugs in your younger years and are unsure of how to discuss this issue with your children. You understandably do not wish to give them the idea that taking recreational drugs is acceptable because you did so yourself, so you may be […]

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A Sunday Smile!


I love snow, my children do as well. It is any wonder we are a bit sad that almost midway through January we don’t have snow? Not even a little bit. I guess we can look online for snow to being some more smiles to our Sunday: (Photo credit: China Daily – Rex Features) Another […]

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Butterfly Fractions are Easy!


  Math for a lot of people simply isn’t fun. Fractions tend to specially be something few enjoy. I remember when I was a teen I went from one high school where it seems we did everything with decimals to different high school that was working mostly with fractions. It annoyed me to say the […]

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Tips to help Motivate a Teenager


  Knowing how to motivate a teenager is so important! My oldest daughter is now a teen and it is really important to my husband and I that she stay motivated to make and reach her goals. It can be very hard being a teenager, often feeling like their priorities are not the same as […]

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Still Sick but still Parenting

  Sadly, we are still sick here. Just when I think I might be out of the woods and house might not be a germ factory, the baby gets more ill. 3am found my husband and I up with a very out of sorts and upset baby. She has a mild fever and a small […]

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FamAlert Review – You might not know you need it!


FamAlert is a service that you sadly might not know you need till it is too late. This was the case for my family, let me tell you about it. My sweet 13 year old homeschooler has been going to a church with a friend and her family these past few months. She has been […]

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Guest Post: Going “Green” Still Worth the Green?

  Everybody wants to be “greener.” Companies like Lynas Corp. are working hard to mine the materials we need to make energy efficiency as affordable as possible. The problem is that, while we wait for those materials to become widely available, a lot of the things that will truly help you reduce your carbon footprint and help […]

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Are you scared of the Flu? What you should be more scared of


  It is a sad fact that near all studies on vaccines are paid for by vaccine makers and all of them seem to be shaped in a way as to give a more positive result. While these vaccines all have long lists of side effects in black and white packaged with the vaccines, most […]

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Gluten Free is Yummy!


(My photo for day 11 of the Photo-A-Challenge) Who would have thought, gluten free could be yummy? My husband made these amazing brownies, from a box. They are so yummy and rich and I can’t eat more than one at a time even. This is good as they might last more than a day here. […]

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