4 Home Remedies to Eliminate Common Stains from Your Child’s Clothing


Guest Post If you have kids, you understand how easily they stain their clothes, in addition to staining your clothes, the carpet and the curtains. Instead of having to go through bottles of stain remover and soaking clothes in harsh chemicals, there are some simple solutions to some of the more common stains children tend […]

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My Fibromyalgia is worse when I eat Wheat!

  When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I was in denial. I ended up trying many medications and in the end I asked one of my Doctors a simple question, is there any kind of diet that might help with my pain. The response was a flat out no. When I asked him about it […]

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Homeschoolers – Do you force your kids to get dressed everyday?

  An interesting question was asked on the facebook wall and I wanted to share it here. The question is rather simple, if you homeschool, do you make your children get fully dressed each morning? Lindy  said “Yes. I’ve battled with depression for over 20 yrs and find that 6 days outta the week I’m still […]

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Chicken Egg Incubator Update Day 8

Here is our update on the chicken eggs in the incubator these last 8 days. Egg A = Growing Egg B = Growing Egg C = Growing Egg D = Growing Egg E = Growing Egg F = Growing Egg G = Growing Egg H = Growing Egg I = Mystery!!!! Egg J = Growing […]

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Do You Help Your Teen Shop?

There once was a time when everything my little girl put on was something I or someone who cares about her picked out for her. I think most parents do this for their kids, though I am not really sure when this stops for most parents. Time for us has changed and our oldest daughter […]

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5 Tips for Helping Your Teen Handle a Move


Guest Post   From packing endless boxes and negotiating with the moving company to securing extra insurance, moving across the state or country is an exhausting and frustrating experience. As a parent, you’re feeling the strain of relocating your kids and their belongings. Your teenagers are feeling an entirely different form of move-related stress, and […]

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Isn’t he the cutest stuffed animal ever? – GIVEAWAY


  This is the question my teenage now asks every time she shows off her vamplet to anyone who has not yet seen him. Meet Hector! Hector is a little Vampire Bat Baby that my 13 year old has been brave enough and kind enough to adopt. He came with a little bottle of blood […]

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Wordless Wednesday 2/17

This image was shared on facebook on the Insanitarium page. It is so serine don’t you think?

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Bloggers — Free Opp for Parenting Bloggers!

Blog with Mom and Adventures of 8 have teamed up with a wonderful online meeting place for pregnancy and mommies of babies and toddlers called BellyHood! We are looking for 50 other family-friendly pregnancy or baby/toddler niched blogs to help us give away a $200.00 Diapers.com Gift Card! Each Blogger will receive a FREE Twitter […]

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Take a Mommy Time Out


  Crunchy Parenting is Peaceful Parenting It can be very hard to be a mother. So much of our energy is focused on our children and there can be little left for ourselves. Is it any wonder that when our children are testing us, exploring their worlds, and exerting their seemingly unending energy that we find ourselves […]

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2 Months Post Christmas – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

By now the explosion that was Christmas 2012 is cleaned up and put away for most of us. Are our lives any better for all the spending, wrapping paper, giving, and receiving?  Is Clutter Holding You Back? Many people feel cluttered I am noticing and who can blame them? This dawned on me the other […]

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Your Baby Does Not Need A Puppy

I was very saddened to see a pet owner on a group I am part of posting about having a son allergic to their dog. She mentioned bathing the dog and such and vacuuming often and how nothing is working. Many suggestions where given but it seems like that was not really what the owner […]

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A Teen and Her Vampires

     Our daughter loves vampires. What should we do? I think the clear view from attachment parenting is to support the interest as long as it is not harmful. We all have things we are interested in, be they reality or not. Our 13 year old is not trying to be a vampire, or […]

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5 Great Tasting Freeze Dried Meals Your Family Will Enjoy!

5 Great Tasting Freeze Dried Meals Your Family Will Enjoy

Freeze dried foods are a basic must-have in your emergency food pantry and for backpacking and hiking, but these foods can also be used to make simple meals for the family while camping or at home. Freeze dried food is sold in a package that can be used for cooking, all you need to do […]

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5 Things My Kids Have Taught Me About House Cleaning

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the drive before it has stopped snowing

 Children Teach Us So Much When first those two little lines or a plus sign show up on a pregnancy test we know our whole lives will change. Often we can fully picture it. Out of the wood work it seems people come to give us tips and share stories and some welcome and some […]

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What Many Parents Are Failing To Do

  We ask children as a society what they want to be when they grow up. Are we simply just what we do for a living? We ask because we want our children to have their eyes on the future, to have ambition. So few children though actually have conviction for their dreams and many […]

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Homeschool Project – Hatching 2013

    Hatching Chicken Eggs The first thing to know about hatching chicken eggs is that it can be done without a mother brooding hen. There are a wide range of incubators on the market and they really range in price. We rent ours from a local farm for just $10 for the month. The […]

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Earth’s Best Loyalty Program

Let me introduce you to something new! The Earth’s Best Loyalty Program! This month, Earth’s Best is proud to announce the Earth’s Best Awards Program! With this new loyalty program, you can earn points from your Earth’s Best purchases and redeem them for great discounts and prizes. The Earth’s Best™ Rewards program is our way […]

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Farm Field Trip – Homeschooling


   We feel very lucky to live not too far from Offutt Ridge Farm. Year afer year we have gone to explore and learn about farm life and pick up an incubator and eggs. The last two years we have hatched duck eggs, this year though we will hatch chickens. Even with a rainy muddy […]

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A Girl Broken – A Mother Held Together With Thread


    I wish they could see who I really am. A girl that was broken and now a mother held together with thread. I was told that certain people don’t tell me things, don’t tell me the truth, because they feel like I am perfect. They feel like I couldn’t understand. The dishonesty though […]

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