Saving Your Environment


GUEST POST These days, there is a lot of focus on taking steps to help the environment in our everyday lives, but sometimes this is easier said than done. However, there are many simple ways you can make savings around the home and help the environment at the same time, without causing yourself any unnecessary […]

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Egg Hatching 2013 Final Update


Our sweet little chicks at 12 days old:               22 chicks hatched and all are well! Though messy little things! These wonderful chicks have helped the children learn about what is needed for a chick embrio to grow successfully, how they grow in eggs, that eggs of different colors […]

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Gift Ideas To Make Your Anniversary Unforgettable


Imagine for a moment, your wedding anniversary is coming up and you want to make sure that everything is perfect. This means that you are going to need to start shopping for anniversary gifts today.   Here are a few ideas to make sure that you find the perfect gift: 1. Jewelry Almost every woman […]

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The Best iPhone Case

  If your looking for an iPhone 4 or 5 case I think you should check out not only do they have some of the best cases, they are discounted so dressing up and protecting your phone doesn’t have to cost as much as your cell phone bill! You need to protect your phone! waterproof […]

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Dear Doctor – Why isn’t natural medicine real medicine again?

  Chances are if your reading this blog your interested in natural parenting too. This can mean many things and one of those things tends to be an open mind about natural medicine and health. It also tends to come with a love of research because natural parenting doesn’t tend to be “current” parenting practice […]

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Earth’s Best Contest!


Is Your Baby a #BabyFoodie? Many of us spend much of our day taking numerous photos of our little ones to share with family and friends; especially during mealtime (don’t they look so cute?). That’s why Earth’s Best created the #BabyFoodie competition on Instagram! The steps to compete are simple: 1. Download the Instagram app […]

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A Different Way to Dye Easter Eggs


      This fantastic fun idea was found on Pinterest from a wonderful blogger!                                                                                 […]

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The Minimalist Parent: The Conservative Choice

The Minimalist Parent The Conservative Choice

GUEST POST Today’s children seem to have it all. They have televisions in their bedrooms, personal cell phones and too many toys to count. While many parents believe that this is just a part of living in the age of technology and that it is even educational, the truth is that too much too soon […]

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This is a peaceful parenting blog. We don’t support Spanking.


  This morning is one of those mornings where I wish I could be some kind of brilliant yogi or monk or some such as I have needed all the patience I have to communicate with a mother who spanks on the facebook wall. I know internet communication can be hard, we don’t have the […]

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Why I don’t “bake” hard boiled eggs!


 How to make better hard boiled eggs! We all want to know how to do things better I think. This might account partially for why Pinterest is so successful. Not everything on the site though is correct or tells the whole story. I wanted to share why I don’t “bake” hard boiled eggs like the […]

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Breastfeeding – So you hate it? So what!

I read a sad admission from a mother today about breastfeeding and how she hated it and how she wouldn’t with any future children? Why? Mary Fischer gave 6 reasons she hates breastfeeding that she came up with in the few weeks she tried breastfeeding. You can read them all fully in the link above. I […]

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The Importance of Safety Labels

 Guest Post We’ve all taken note of certain signs and labels….such as “Beware of Dog”, or maybe “Danger, Falling Rocks”, to less frightening but also common, “No Smoking” labels.  Safety labels give an instant reminder of possibility of further consequences, if not heeded and are found everywhere.  There are different types of hazards that require […]

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Earth’s Best Blogger Rave


I love being one of the special bloggers that shares information about Earth’s Best. Each month they send me a few things that my baby can try. While we normally buy Earth’s Best baby wipes and nursery wipes, our biggest purchases from them include many fruit and smoothie pouches as the kids love them! Now […]

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A Man Says 90% of Homeschoolers are Losers


While I can not honestly say that I agree with everything Sandra Dodd says (And what a boring world it would be if we all always agreed) I happen to think there is a point in this cartoon that was worth sharing. There was an article I was reading just yesterday on how schooling and […]

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Five Fun and Educational Weekend Activities for You and Your Children

Five Fun and Educational Weekend

GUEST POST It can be difficult to figure out different things to do with your kids on the weekends. You should do activities that are not only fun for you and your child, but also educational. Having a fun and educational weekend with your kids can be easy. The only limit to what you can […]

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Is Breastfeeding Private, should it be in public?

 The topic of breastfeeding came up today on my facebook wall and one friend commented that she doesn’t have a problem with others breastfeeding in public but to her she feels like it is private.  Do you think breastfeeding is private? I don’t and here is why; breastfeeding is the natural way for a human […]

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WIN a $200.00 Gift Card

GIVEAWAY STARTS MARCH 19th  A Little Crunchy is very-excited to give YOU the opportunity to WIN a $200.00 Gift Card! Are you a woman who is trying to conceive, pregnant, or a brand-new Mommy? If so, you need to look into Have you not heard of Well, it is an online meeting place […]

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Could the Government Take Your Banked Money?

  Most of my fellow Americans are well aware of the sequester we are dealing with at the moment. As a military wife I have spent a lot of time researching how it might effect my family and those we care about. Many Americans are seen complaining but what are we actually doing? We simply […]

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Save Money on Your Car — Buy Used!

Guest Post A car can be the perfect present for your teenager, as it will allow him or her to drive to school, the mall, and their friends’ house on their own. Unfortunately, a car is not a cheap present, and buying a brand new car will cost a small fortune. The good news is […]

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Chick Hatching 2013 Went Wonderfully!


     Summery of Hatch Started with 24 Eggs 1 was not fertile 1 stopped growing after about a week. 22 eggs remained. 1 egg pipped at the wrong end and this normally means the chick will not survive. 2 chicks hatched too early, with blood and yolk not yet absorbed. 3 Eggs including the […]

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Do You Know The Tale Of The Tooth Fairy?


Everyone knows that every little fairy has a job, a job they love. Be it painting lady bugs, helping animals, bringing sweet dreams, or fixing things that are broken. But just how did the first tooth fairy get her start? This story book tells the tale! It is a sweet little book for children that […]

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A gift to remember, a baby shower gift!

A sweet and memorable baby shower gift, this little metal tin is filled with 24 cards. Each card is pre-printed with three prompts for guests to fill in with words of wisdom for mom and baby. They read: “I hope you always…” “I hope you learn to…” “I hope you never forget…” The metal tin, […]

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Your going on vacation and the first thing you pack is?

Have you ever played one of those silly little memory games to pass the time? “I am going on vacation and in my bag I put a Apple Pie!” and then the next person would say “I am going on vacation in my bag I have an apple pie and a balloon!” and the next […]

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Spring is Coming!


Spring is coming, though not yet here. It snowed a bit just last week. Mostly though here in Maryland we are getting rain. The birds though show us spring is coming and my children love the birds. Eagles have eggs in nests, owls too, and falcons as well. And we now have baby chicks in […]

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Find that special something at Corsets By Casta Diva

When the topic of Corsets came up I couldn’t help but think about the many bloggers I know who have been doing corset reviews and how stunning so many of them look in corsets. Not all the reviews about all the companies are great however so I thought I would share a company that I […]

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First Pip!


   What is a Pip? A pip is when the being inside the egg breaks through to the outer surface of the egg. We have our first pip tonight! It is a tiny little whole right now so I tried to make it clear in the photo. The photo is rather bad because the incubator […]

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Almost Hatching Time!


    The Eggs Are About To Hatch! Chicken eggs take about 21 days to hatch. On Friday we went into lockdown on the incubator, meaning we stopped turning the eggs and opening the top of the incubator. That was day 18. The reason is to keep the humidity up inside so that the eggs […]

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5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Mom


  Spring is nearly here for many and one of the wonderful things that means is that it is time for spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is not something new, it is a long held tradition that goes back over a thousand years. Even the old religions used to have special days just to make sure […]

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Update: Egg Candling

Candle Egg C

 I wanted to take a quick minute and update everyone on our chicken eggs in the incubator! Here are some photos:   This is egg C, one of the little tan colored eggs out of the bunch. Clear movement seen and doing great! L is one of the larger white colored eggs, not that you […]

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FREE $30.00 credit from Rue la la


Link – FREE $30.00 credit from Rue la la Sign up with Rue la la  and you could get a $30.00 Credit (Or $25) When I signed up oh so long ago it was not that much! It is so easy to spend money on that site though, beware, they have great fun items for everyone! Many […]

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