Saving Your Environment


GUEST POST These days, there is a lot of focus on taking steps to help the environment in our everyday lives, but sometimes this is easier said than done. However, there are many simple ways you can make savings around the home and help the environment at the same time, without causing yourself any unnecessary […]

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Egg Hatching 2013 Final Update


Our sweet little chicks at 12 days old:               22 chicks hatched and all are well! Though messy little things! These wonderful chicks have helped the children learn about what is needed for a chick embrio to grow successfully, how they grow in eggs, that eggs of different colors […]

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Gift Ideas To Make Your Anniversary Unforgettable


Imagine for a moment, your wedding anniversary is coming up and you want to make sure that everything is perfect. This means that you are going to need to start shopping for anniversary gifts today.   Here are a few ideas to make sure that you find the perfect gift: 1. Jewelry Almost every woman […]

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The Best iPhone Case

  If your looking for an iPhone 4 or 5 case I think you should check out not only do they have some of the best cases, they are discounted so dressing up and protecting your phone doesn’t have to cost as much as your cell phone bill! You need to protect your phone! waterproof […]

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Dear Doctor – Why isn’t natural medicine real medicine again?

  Chances are if your reading this blog your interested in natural parenting too. This can mean many things and one of those things tends to be an open mind about natural medicine and health. It also tends to come with a love of research because natural parenting doesn’t tend to be “current” parenting practice […]

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Earth’s Best Contest!


Is Your Baby a #BabyFoodie? Many of us spend much of our day taking numerous photos of our little ones to share with family and friends; especially during mealtime (don’t they look so cute?). That’s why Earth’s Best created the #BabyFoodie competition on Instagram! The steps to compete are simple: 1. Download the Instagram app […]

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A Different Way to Dye Easter Eggs


      This fantastic fun idea was found on Pinterest from a wonderful blogger!                                                                                 […]

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The Minimalist Parent: The Conservative Choice

The Minimalist Parent The Conservative Choice

GUEST POST Today’s children seem to have it all. They have televisions in their bedrooms, personal cell phones and too many toys to count. While many parents believe that this is just a part of living in the age of technology and that it is even educational, the truth is that too much too soon […]

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This is a peaceful parenting blog. We don’t support Spanking.


  This morning is one of those mornings where I wish I could be some kind of brilliant yogi or monk or some such as I have needed all the patience I have to communicate with a mother who spanks on the facebook wall. I know internet communication can be hard, we don’t have the […]

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Why I don’t “bake” hard boiled eggs!


 How to make better hard boiled eggs! We all want to know how to do things better I think. This might account partially for why Pinterest is so successful. Not everything on the site though is correct or tells the whole story. I wanted to share why I don’t “bake” hard boiled eggs like the […]

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