Review: What is your mixed breed dog?

Because sometime you just have to know!

It is well known that mixed breed dogs tend to live longer and be healthier than many pure breeds for a number of reason. We also know though that there are benefits to knowing what breeds are in a dog so you have a better idea of what health issues to look out for and what temperament you might be living with. This is where comes in. You can buy their products in many of the popular chain pet shops, vet offices and pet hospital clinics. 

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Once you buy the Wisdom Panel® Insights™ IdentificationDog DNA Test Kit it is easy to use. Inside you will find two packaged brush swabs that you use on the inside of your dogs mouth. I thought this might be hard with our dog Kaylee as she is really a huge handful for such a small dog. She doesn’t let me wipe her face and eyes even. They also do not recommend giving your dog a treat before hand to help. The solution was having my husband hold our dog firmly while I opened her mouth and swabbed the inside of her cheek. It was fast and painless. I filled out the required information on the swab packaging and then jumped online to fill out the registration form for my kit. It was very fast and easy to do. The kit comes with a pre-paid mailing envelope  and so it was easy to just drop off in a local blue postage box.


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They sent me an e-mail when they received the swabs and let me know I would get the results in 2-3 weeks. I was surprised and excited when after 11 days I was sent another e-mail letting me know the results were ready.


Let me tell you a bit about Kaylee. This little pup is about a year old now and she her history is a bit of a mystery. We had been told that her Father was an AKC Pomeranian and her mother a pure breed Min Pin. As she grew however she looked more and more like a Chihuahua rather than the pom pin we thought she was. She had been the sweetest pup up until her first vet visit when she freaked over shots and bit the vet, and never has she been the same since when it comes to strangers or even people she knows and loves. She is our alarm system and not what I would call a friendly dog. She does not like strange people or dogs and she lets everyone know about it too. Yes, we are those people… you know the ones, the ones that have to put a dog in a room before opening the front door for fear she might go to far and bite someone some day. Anything we can find out would be helpful I thought when trying to help her.

It is a blessing that Wisdom Panel let us review for them and this is a bit of what those results said about Kaylee:


The report had a lot of other information in it and we are going to be adding to what we know as we try and help her with these issues. We have already learned that the tugging and chasing games our children have always played with her are not helpful when it comes to aggression and even thought she tries to get the kids to play these still, it is better that refocus her on other games, such as hiding her treats and directing her to find them and having visitors play training games with her after she calms down with them in the house. We still have a lot to learn.

Thank you so much to Wisdom Panel for helping us learn more about Kaylee! She really is mostly a Pom Pin and there isn’t even a little “taco dog” as my Dad likes to call her in her history!

Wisdom Panel was kind enough to offer a giveaway as well, please check back for it soon!

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  1. This is amazing! You my dear saved me a visit to the vet to find out what my fuzzy is.

  2. wow never heard of this for pets before pretty cool though. I know some of my friends who will benefit from this and I will share with them