Guest Post: Making the most of Playa de las Americas

Conventionally known for its clubs and nightlife, the warm, mild weather of Playa de las Americas also makes it an ideal location for a variety of sports. It’s for that reason that the resort has some of the most best sports and outdoor facilities in Spain, including the impressive golf courses of Golf Del Sur. […]

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Free Worksheet: My Little Pony Dot-to-Dot


   A free for personal use printable worksheet! I enjoyed making a dot-to-dot skylanders page for my children yesterday and though I would make another one for them. This time I put dots to one of their favorite My Little Pony characters, Rainbow Dash! I am not sure what it is about these modern ponies […]

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Free Worksheet: Skylander Dot-to-Dot


(creative work of our 5 year old daughter!) If your children are anything like mine, they love skylanders. I think my children gave over 50 of them now, though some are doubles. (I will have to get back to you on the exact number of the little creatures trying to orchestrate a fall in the […]

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The magic of simple fun cupcakes!


  A few weeks ago found my family very far from home and in need of something yummy, special, but most importantly simple. Our youngest daughter was turning 3! Not being in my own kitchen though and not having much time or being certain of supplies I thought we might just buy a cake. It […]

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Creative and fun date ideas for a night at home


  Going out can be quite expensive these days but that doesn’t mean that date night should be disposed of. There are plenty of other options. The following article lists some great ideas for date nights at home. Taste night Perhaps the two of you have a favourite drink, whether it’s wine, tequila, vodka, whiskey […]

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Peaceful Parenting: Please Don’t Call My Son A Girl


  Sadly a few weeks ago my son was faced with an adult he cares about insulting him for no good reason. As a mother I wish I would have been there to protect my son from the situation. Moms are not always there though, so I ask, please be mindful of insulting children. If […]

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Weird Wednesday – What is that?


  This little night lover is a sugar glider. She is about 5 weeks out of pouch and still nursing. Soon though she will be ready for a new home. Sugar gliders are have spread across America as weird little pets. Originally from Australia they are considered exotic pets and as such the assumption is that they are not […]

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Oklahoma Tornado Disaster: What NOT to do!


Image:    One of the best times to see human goodness can be after a disaster. We see heroes on TV like teachers who shielded children with their own bodies to protect them. We see rescue workers who will not stop until they have done all they can. We see donations flood in to […]

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Fun Summer Giveaway For $150 from Top Trenz

Mom Are We There Yet has been honored to do a review and giveaway for Top Trenz. Their fun & creative clothing is totally awesome and stylish. You can see the review HERE.   Brights are in style and it looks like Top Trenz has the touches of color most every wardrobe can put to use. Summer might […]

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Are You A Little Crunchy or A Lot?

rainbow-colors-wood-texture-hd-desktop-wallpaper copy

    Today I am feeling a little Crunchy. Why? Because I feel like death and rather than reaching for alternative health options I begged my husband for sudafed and I refuse to even look up the side effects or why it might be bad for me. This is not my crunchiest day ever. Thus […]

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Terrible Question: You’re a stay at home mother, aren’t you bored?


Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts in life I think. It is in our blood, our bones so to speak. For many of us, staying home with our children is a choice we make because we love being with them. It can be financially sound as well considering all the costs of working, I […]

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105 Things Not To Forget On A Family Road Trip

planning large family travel vacation packing list not to forget

This list of 105 things can help you not forget to pack or do certain things when going on a road trip! Here is an example of a week long road trip for a family of 6, one is a baby, and two are dogs, and one is a cat staying home with a pet […]

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Dear Earths Best, Please Be Clear That Breast Is Best!


    It is no secret, I love the Earth’s Best brand. They are a company I trust to be safe and to be ethical as well. It was rather a surprise to see a friend who is a lactation consultant and La Leche League Leader (among other things) post an image like mine above about […]

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Zenni Optical With Vision Wisdom

Check out our newest sponsored post! Presented by Zenni Optical, eyeglasses online I have been putting off getting new glasses for a long while now. The families other needs always seem to come first and honestly I am terrible at keeping appointments, things come up and I can never tell when my health is going […]

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Any Kindle Experts Here?


  I have a kindle fire HD 7″ and also a 3 year old. You might picture that these two little beauties go quite well together and for the most part they do. However my little girl is very fond of making the kindle very loud. If you know much about this machine you know that […]

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Dear Mother, you need to know this!


Dear Mother, You may not see how much I love you. You might think too much on your mistakes. You might not forgive yourself your short comings. You might hold to tightly to guilt over yelling, a moment that lacked patience, a time when you dropped the ball. You are not alone. You are human. […]

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How Vacation almost killed our family pet!


  Our dog nearly died today because we went on vacation and missed important early signs that just slipped my mind.  Dogs going on Vacation We like to travel with some of our pets, we tend to think it is less stressful for them and more fun. We have done this for years and years […]

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Essentials to Pack for a Family Holiday

Guest Post Family holidays – nothing beats them! But without the right planning and organisation, a fun family holiday can swiftly turn into any parent’s living nightmare and one of the most important aspects of planning, for any family getaway, is packing the all-important travel essentials. Poor packing not only makes your holiday less convenient, […]

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My Baby is 3


  It is hard to believe that my by baby is already 3. 3 years ago found me waking up in labor unexpectedly. The midwife thought it would be another week or 2 and I thought it would be soon, but not that soon. Baby picked her birthday though and it was 7th and our […]

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Parents should check out


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