My children are dealing better with loss than I am.

 I am not dealing so well with the loss of my Memere From the Facebook Wall: For the love of childhood resilience. Memeres funeral was on Monday and each day since I have found myself a sobbing mess at one point or another. My 4 children though are right as rain. It it is not […]

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Do you know about this computer virus yet? It scared the heck out of me!


You can be a Crunchy Parent and Geek too! You might save someones computer life! Being computer literate is no longer optional as a dear family discovered this past week. My husband and I had been asked to try and sort out some weird computer issues while visiting family after a funeral this past week. […]

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Guest Post: Handling Termites the Crunchy Way

  I bet you don’t even think about termites. After all, you’ve never heard of anyone’s house falling down from termite bites. That only happens in cartoons, right? If you’re committed to the ‘live and let live’ philosophy, you’re probably hesitant to do anything that might disturb any kind of harmless ecosystem living on your […]

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In loving Memory

In Memory of Memere (Grandmother)  I have found over the years small gifts left to those still alive in the difficult time after loved ones die. Stories about them come to light that so many didn’t know. Collectively as people grieve they share the best and sometimes worst parts about those who are gone. Those […]

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5 Unexpected Cities to Visit While on a Road Trip


GUEST POST: One of the best things about any road trip is seeing places you might never have expected. While every trip has a destination, sometimes side trips are just as fun as — if not better than — the original goal. The following are a few places you may not have considered but would […]

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Summer Tip for Homeschoolers and Large Families


Get Memberships! Having a large family can be costly and homeschooling a large family certainly isn’t cheap. Often I hear about parents saying they are stuck at home, don’t have money to go out, and this saddens me greatly. There are so many amazing museums, zoos, and aquariums to enjoy and if you get a […]

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Easy Steps to Create a Backyard Garden

balcony garden terragarden

  Over the past few years there has been a dramatic surge in the amount of people turning to greener ways of living. Whether through buying organic goods or including more indoor plants into their homes (and offices), there is a surge in the number of us who want to expand our knowledge and grow […]

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Our Fathers Day

Dad Fishing

I wish I could tell you that our Fathers Day this year was wonderful. Honestly it was hard. My own father spent his weekend waiting for his mother, my sweet Memere to pass on. My husband, the most wonderful father I have ever known spent his day dealing with a flat tire, a flat spare […]

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Review: The product you don’t know your shoes need!


SteriShoe® Shoe Sanitizer This review is brought to you by and 

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Wordless Wednesday – Fox Family


        Seeing the fox was such a treat. I was rather surprised at how differently they look.  Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday! Get out in nature!

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