Free Worksheet: Skylanders Upper and Lowercase Letters


A free printable worksheet!

All 4 of my children really like Skylanders. They are these neat little toys that are interactive with the skylander video games. My 7 and 5 year olds save their allowance to buy the little guys as the more you have the more options you have on the game. I think my now they have over 50 of them, though some are doubles. Knowing how much my children love them I thought it would be great to make some practice worksheets with skylander themes. I know friends with children who love them too so I thought I would share them here. Remember these are for personal use only!

I hope you find this little worksheet fun and I am very open to feedback.

  For Pre-K and Kindergarten Practice

This worksheet can help reinforce the differences between uppercase and lowercase letters.


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My children used markers to scribble out the upper case letters and then write the quote from Shroomboom on the bottom lines. The quote is “”He Shoots, He Spores!“—Shroomboom’s official catchphrase. This is a great chance to explain what spores are as chances are it is not a word your preschooler is familiar with!


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  1. melissa says:

    I love the skylander theme sheets!! Fits in well at my house!!