Guest Post – Mutual bargaining with your child

  Children are often very outspoken with regards to what they want to do and equally what they don’t want to do. This can be a very positive thing but it can also make choosing an activity for the weekend rather tricky at times.   Some parents advocate an attitude of telling their children what […]

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Dad To The Rescue – Almost got kicked out of a hotel!

Over the last few days I have learned some very important things about helping children grieve and gotten some great parenting advice from those who have more experience in this area than I do. My need for manners almost made things worse and I am glad I was told I was wrong by others in […]

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Guest Post: Comprehensive Health Insurance – The Best Option for You

  Article brought to you by comprehensive health insurance provider Freedom Health Insurance When it comes to picking a health insurance plan for you and your family, you can feel overwhelmed at the plethora of choices. There are many details to consider, there can be a lot of rules, regulations, and terms that you may […]

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A family that looks very different than most and very lucky!

It is hard to put the last days into words but you know I will try and I love to write and I love to share. I am very blessed and lucky to be the surrogate mother for two amazing men. One reciently passed away and my family traveled to support his husband and our […]

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Mommy still learning life lessons


  Another death of someone I love has had me thinking deeply about life. Each passing has changed me, broken my heart, and forced me to grow. The fact is that everyone we know and love will some day pass and chances are the longer we are lucky to live the more loved ones we […]

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Guest Post: Taking away in Manchester


  Manchester possesses an eclectic mix of restaurants but those who don’t have the time or the energy to go out can take advantage of choosing the best that the city has to offer and eat their meal in the relaxing comfort of their own home.   Exotic   Chinatown in Manchester is the second […]

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Our Grief and Sorrow – A Sad Update

Grief Changes Us

  Many years ago I was lucky enough to meet a couple so kind and so in love and so wanting a family that I felt blessed to be able to be their surrogate. I helped them to have two beautiful and healthy daughters. Over the years though the military has moved us far we […]

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5 simple ways to make your home eco-friendly

One of the hottest topics of conversation these days in my house is how we can reduce our carbon footprint.   Whether global warming is a serious imminent worry, or whether it’s been completely blown out of proportion by the media; it’s definitely made me more aware of how I treat the environment.   After […]

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Homeschooling Confidence – She is Doing Amazing!

  I will admit it, sometimes over the years I have had doubt that I was fully able to homeschool our children and provide everything they need for their education. After 8 years of homeschooling though I am getting a bit of validation because our only homeschooled daughter is now is a private online highschool […]

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Guest Post: Top tips for moving house

  Moving home, especially if it the first time, can be a serious upheaval for a young child. Here a few tips which will make this important transition that little bit easier for both your children and you.   Ease the way                       Where possible, visit your new home with your children so that they […]

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Marriage Takes Work: Go on a Date already!


 I have been married to 15 years now and things are great! Friends and Family often comment about how little my husband and I argue and how great we are together. Of course reality is that things are not always wonderful and that Marriage takes work. You get what you put in. I was asked […]

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Giveaway – ****Dream Baby Shower****

Disclosure: All items being reviewed were given for free to Frugal Mommy by the companies (Not this blog However this does not necessitate a positive review. She only endorse products she herself likes and uses. However your opinion may differ from hers. None of the other blogs involved have been compensated in any form […]

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How to Evaluate Your Carbon Footprint


How to Evaluate Your Carbon Footprint Your carbon footprint calculates how your daily activities affect the environment. You may not realize you singlehandedly produce carbon dioxide that negatively affects the environment. Consider these four aspects of your lifestyle when evaluating your carbon footprint. Household Energy Types and Uses Image via Flickr by The energy used […]

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L’Oreal Nail Polish Gift Set Giveaway – Ends 9/6

A great blogger has put together a beautiful spoil your nails gift set and I couldn’t help but jump in and give it away with her. I know, I am helping another blogger give away other polish at the very same time and this isn’t even a beauty blog. Alas, I have many friends who […]

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Homeschooling Tips for Parents: How to Engage Your Children At Home


  Homeschooling shouldn’t just feel like a daily chore—for parents or for kids! Homeschooling can be fantastically fun and kids can thrive! Homeschooling lessons can be a great way for kids to become more autonomous, explore their personal interests, and become well-rounded people, but if the subject matter doesn’t engage them… well, the kids may […]

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Update about the purple haired homeschooler and the move!


  This week our hopepixie daughter being the brilliant and amazing person she asked me to dye her hair for her. The top is purple and the middle and ends beautiful blues. I personally loved her hair before but I still love it now and in the end supporting her is what is most important. […]

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Guest Post: Travelling & Datespot Hunting

  Dating is a breeze if you know what you’re looking for and you know to treat that special someone – the only difficulty is the location! There are hundreds of getaways and secret locations within the UK that would be ideal for a first date, but discovering those that suit you is a little […]

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National Aquarium Field Trip Fun and Tips Part 3


  See National Aquarium Field Trip Fun and Tips Part 2 here   One of the most interesting things about this trip was when we learned more about one of the kids favorite fish! The kids spent a lot of time watching a specially little fish they called square. Square is a little peach fish with […]

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Three Things You Can Do At Home For Back To School Success

  As a homeschooling mother I love back to school time and I know other schooling parents do too. I know though that for many parents it can be a stressful time. There are some things all of us can do though to help make back to school time a success and help carry us […]

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