Would you ever ground your teen from school?


 Trying to parent an overly social teenager, or not. When did I get to thinking this was a good idea? Maybe I should start at the beginning. Over a month ago we had a family emergency and ended up out of town for a week. During this time our 14 year old daughter who is […]

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Cutting Winter Energy Costs With Renewable Home Energy

home energy savings

 Guest Post — As the winter approaches many of us start to worry about how much money will this winter cost to keep us warm. No, I’m not talking about going on a shopping spree for clothing and shoes. Instead, I’m focusing on how to keep the heat inside the house. Regardless where you are […]

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Just another Homeschool Day


        Cryptology 7th Grade   My oldest homeschooler has been loving her online school this year. Right now the kids are working on Cryptology as part of their social studies unit. Part of the project was to make some kind of art of their chosen Cryptid and photograph it in nature as […]

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Dear Martha Stewart, Another Fail.

  Dear Ms. Stewart, As a blogger you might imagine I was a bit confused when in your interview on Bloomberg you said:  “Who are those bloggers?  They’re not trained editors at Vogue Magazine.  Writing recipes that aren’t tested, that aren’t necessarily very good. Or are copies of everything that really good editors have created and done. […]

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So Excited – Odysseo by Cavalia


My Amazing Husband He went and got us amazing tickets to an amazing show! I can’t say we have ever been to a show like Odysseo where most of the stars are horses. I am not sure many people can say they have gone to such a show. Before today I had not even ever […]

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You don’t buy character clothing because you want to make other parents feel like bad parents right?

Do you think other parents make parenting choices just to make you feel badly about your own? Tonight on a message board I am a part of a good Mom posted an odd question. She said that she doesn’t understand why some parents will not buy character clothing and toys for their kids and when […]

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Help Your Children Love Art – It is a gift!


Why Art Is Important In Childhood Sadly schools seem more and more interesting in teaching to test in the basic subject while ignoring the importance of the Arts. Some schools are done away with Art all together even. Even in schools that still have arts programs more and more money is being taken from them […]

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Getting a great start to the day

 GUEST POST It’s a well-known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Nutritional experts have been trying to get people to see the importance of breakfast for many years now. However, the message is still not getting through as many of us still skip breakfast on a regular basis. If you’re […]

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HomeBins Review — What your Holidays need!


  While many of us rush around looking for the best gifts for our loved ones some of us are wondering where we are going to put all the new “stuff” that manages to make it into our homes. While I have cleaning things out, thinning things down, and donating what I can, it is […]

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Eat At Joes They Say! Why?


      How it Started Three of our 4 children have been telling us to go on dates. Their ages are 14, 7, and 5. Our oldest babysits and all is well so far. Why are they about kicking us out of the house though on dates? We don’t tend to argue as a […]

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4 Cheap Ways to Keep Your Kid’s Room Clean

Guest Post If you’re like most parents, the kid’s room might be one of the most difficult places to keep clean. With a constantly messy kid’s room, you might end up spending more money than you think when you finally bite the bullet, pull on the cleaning gloves, and dig in for the deep clean. […]

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Is there a time limit on Grief?


  It has been over three months now and finally I don’t dream about my Memere anymore. I still wake up thinking about her often though, like to today. I take a deep breath these mornings and try and remember some of the last lovely times I had with her. I end p thinking about […]

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What Are Some Of The Leading “Green” Companies


GUEST POST!   Conserving Energy Nowadays, the world is in the middle of an energy crisis as electricity bills are skyrocketing because of energy usage. This not only costs more, but it hurts the planet as oil production soars and gasoline supply decreases. We use energy for everything from fuelling our vehicles to heating or […]

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Dear American Readers – What you can do during this shut down!

On this wonderful blog I try not to add too much political news as I know many have different opinions and you have a right to yours. That said though I am a military wife and I am reminded I have a right to my own opinion as well. No matter what our opinions might […]

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5 Green Tech Upgrades to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value


GUEST POST Whether you’re driven by budgetary concerns, are concerned about the future resale value of your home, or simply just want to switch to a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle, then green is clearly the way to go. And the current craze for green solutions has given rise to the rapid development of some seriously […]

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Enjoying Nature With The Kids


  With screens distracting us at every moment and temperature controlled luxury it can often be hard to remember how important it is to get out into nature with the kids. If this is never an issue for your family, I applaud you! For my family though, specially with my health conditions it can be […]

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