5 Tricks to Keep Your Kids From Going Stir Crazy During Winter


Guest Post     The freezing temperatures that come with the winter months force us all inside seeking relief from the cold. While adults may be content getting cozy with a good book or a cup of tea on the couch, children are known to go absolutely stir crazy when stuck inside for an extended […]

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#NaNoWriMo The Final Days


   #NaNoWriMo is almost over!   I started the day at less than 38,000 words and with sad news all around me I couldn’t help but dread writing. I can’t focus and on top of it, I seem to have written myself into a hole. I can’t get into all the sorrow that is going […]

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What types of maintenance do you do on your car?


I have to admit, I am not a car expert. I drive an old Honda Odyssey van that I love. If you love your car as much as I love mine, chances are that you understand how important proper maintenance is. After all, taking care of your car means that it will last longer, run […]

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NaNoWriMo Tips to help you finish!


       NaNoWriMo – The Last Week Are you caught up on word count? Many aren’t, few are actually ahead, and a few of us are comfortable. Most of us however are scared that we just are not going to be able to make it to the end with enough words. 50,000 words is […]

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CreaProducts Review


I was happy to review this product in exchange for my honest opinion! When I had first seen this product I knew it was something I had to try. I have daughters in my home and I trim their hair all the time. This can be specially difficult with the younger ones. This product, the […]

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Ornaments With Love Review and Giveaway


  ornamentswithlove.com I was so excited when this company agreed to send me an Ornament for review. Of course my opinion on this item and company are my own! Part of the magic of the holidays I think happens to be tradition. We have a dear friend that is the god Mother to our son […]

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Birthday Fun for our 6 and 8 year old children!


  This year like others for our middle children we planned a family birthday party. We had asked them like we do each year if they wanted their party together or on their own and like years past they choose together. I picked a date and having no relatives close here we invited just their […]

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Can mobile phones be educational for our children?


    One of the biggest debates parents have these days is whether they should let their kids have a mobile of their own.     By Juhan Sonin via Flickr.com   Some parents are even allowing their children to have phones at the age of six. A survey carried out by The Marketing Store […]

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A Stranger Made This Military Wife Cry

  While out shopping a few days ago at a very unlikely place, Walmart, with my husband and 2 of our children something unexpected happened. We had gone there as we rarely do because we happened to be under a time crunchy for the birthday party the next day for 2 of our children. They […]

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers: Five Ideas for Unisex Toys


  = If you’ve not already had to deal with it yet, you’ll soon have to; before you know it, you’ll be faced with seas of pink and blue when all you may wish to do is keep toys unisex. While the stores are partially to blame due to the way they advertise boys and […]

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NaNoWriMo = Park Days!


  NaNoWriMo means a lot of things to a lot of people. Almost 300,000 people are writing crazy novels this month and for most of them that means coffee shops, dark rooms, too much caffeine, and not seeing the sun much! For a few of us though that are parents, it means as many park […]

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Giveaway — California Delicious Gift Baskets


     Giveaway Starts on 11/14 and ends 11/22 California Delicious Gift Basket Review and Giveaway Like so many people I have loveds ones on my gifting list that are impossible to shop for. Either they seem to have everything or I just can’t figure out what they would like! I don’t like to give […]

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Learn How to Make Your Dream House a Reality

Dream home

Everyone has a different concept of their dream home. However, most people have a vision of what a dream property might look like. Turning that into reality may be far from straightforward, but it is certainly more than possible. If you want to make your dream come true for you and your family, make sure […]

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NaNoWriMo – 20k Update


The pure imaginary insanity is back this year with my 9th NaNoWriMo attempt. In years past I have failed as often as I had won, so this year is the tipping point! I could have one more loss than win, or one more win than losses. I am not confident this year at all. I […]

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React Mobile App — Great for teens!

If you have a teenager, chances are that you worry about them. Especially once your teen starts to drive, keeping track of their whereabouts can be tough. As a mom, it’s natural to worry about your kids. Are they safe? Where are they? Who are they with? Now there’s a simple way that you can […]

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Guest Post: You Can Be Pregnant AND Stylish!

  Gone are the days of tent-like dresses and over-sized tees to hide a baby bump. In fact, there’s no reason not to look your best for those nine months, especially with stylish items like a maternity shorts & crop pants by bumpbabyandbeyond.com.au. Here are a few fashion tips on what to buy for your […]

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Kids Christmas Giveaway

Mom Are We There Yet is here with another awesome giveaway. This one is for the kids in your life. These range in ages and interest but hopefully there is something for everyone. Give these to your kids, keep as gifts, save for Christmas! There are some great products for Christmas or any occasion here. […]

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Giveaway — Flu Health Pack

Disclaimer:One or more products below were provided for free. However the review is my honest opinion. This post may include affiliate links.   Mom Are We There Yet has brought you this great flu-busting giveaway. We all know with the holidays coming and winter and being closed up more indoors it only means one thing… […]

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Giveaway – Game Night!

Mom Are We There Yet and Hasbro has brought you an awesome new giveaway for Family Game Night. What is family game night with out terrific games? They are a must, right? Right now one lucky winner has a change to win a brand new game called Jenga Tetris. You can see the review here. […]

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Natural Health — Gift Essential Oils!


While many of who practice natural parenting are busy looking for ways to make the holidays meaningful and healthy I thought I would share a gift idea that might be over looked. Essential oils might seem daunting to those not trained in how to use them but with some help and guidance I think they […]

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The red haired homeschooler!


One of the wonderful things about homeschooling for my 14 year old daughter is that she can dress the way she wants and she can do what she likes with her own hair. Sadly schools these days are all about making the kids conform a certain way and individuality is considered distracting. We doing think […]

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Guest Post: Every Mother has a Story—So Share Yours.

  I need your story. Yes, yours. Your story about how you became a parent. Your story about pregnancy. Your birth story. How you recovered. And those cocooned weeks of early motherhood that were so hard for you and that you thought no one else could understand. No matter how typical or extreme, I need […]

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Radio Ranger Toy Giveaway

  TOY GIVEAWAY With the holidays around the corner we are all looking for fun and unique gift ideas and boy do we have one for you! Not only was this amazing item on the Animal Planet “Extreme Fishing Show” but they also featured it on another Animal Planet show “Top Hooker!” What item are […]

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Guest Post: How to Pass Money Saving Habits On to Your Kids

It’s important for children to learn important money skills when they’re young in order to build good fiscal habits.  You can instill good money skills in your children simply by encouraging them to make wise spending decisions and with a few other tips outlined here.  Once your children understand the importance of handling money well, […]

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Odysseo is an extraordinary show like no other!


  If you ever get the chance to see Odysseo, take it!     Over 60 horses preforming like I have never seen. This event is remarkable in it’s reverence for horses and for the stage. It is art come alive with music and visuals that are extraordinary. I never expected it, never dared even […]

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Amazon Deals!

  Amazing Deals I thought I would share! It is that time of year when many of us are looking for the best deals on holiday shopping. I thought I would have a post where I add a few that I find. Please check back as you should find new deals at the top of […]

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Do you need help picking a Holiday Dress?


  I have to admit, I am not a fashionista like some of my fellow bloggers. I am however a geeky Mommy who wants to look my best at parties and I know that part of this, a big part, is getting the right dress! One of the things I really dislike doing is going […]

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Not cool Halloween Tricks – proselytizing and racism


 (Back to Part 1 The real Evil found on Halloween) Halloween Tricks   While kids might find toothbrushes and floss and fruit to be tricks on Halloween certainly they are better and kinder than the above note. It gave me an idea tough, maybe next year I will hand out jump ropes and candy, because they […]

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The real Evil found on Halloween


Part 1  This post might not be what you expect it to be. This isn’t about ancient religions and the roots that Halloween has in common with them. It isn’t about the devil, and it really isn’t about evil. I used the world evil to add a bit of flare in celebration of the holiday […]

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A Happy Minecraft Halloween


  Halloween has been wonderful this year for my not so little family. It was a bit rushed I have to admit and stress was high the hours before trick or treating as my husband and I and or son tried to be quick about finishing up the last details on Mr. Handsome’s minecraft Steve […]

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