5 Tricks to Keep Your Kids From Going Stir Crazy During Winter


Guest Post     The freezing temperatures that come with the winter months force us all inside seeking relief from the cold. While adults may be content getting cozy with a good book or a cup of tea on the couch, children are known to go absolutely stir crazy when stuck inside for an extended […]

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#NaNoWriMo The Final Days


   #NaNoWriMo is almost over!   I started the day at less than 38,000 words and with sad news all around me I couldn’t help but dread writing. I can’t focus and on top of it, I seem to have written myself into a hole. I can’t get into all the sorrow that is going […]

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What types of maintenance do you do on your car?


I have to admit, I am not a car expert. I drive an old Honda Odyssey van that I love. If you love your car as much as I love mine, chances are that you understand how important proper maintenance is. After all, taking care of your car means that it will last longer, run […]

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NaNoWriMo Tips to help you finish!


       NaNoWriMo – The Last Week Are you caught up on word count? Many aren’t, few are actually ahead, and a few of us are comfortable. Most of us however are scared that we just are not going to be able to make it to the end with enough words. 50,000 words is […]

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CreaProducts Review


I was happy to review this product in exchange for my honest opinion! When I had first seen this product I knew it was something I had to try. I have daughters in my home and I trim their hair all the time. This can be specially difficult with the younger ones. This product, the […]

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Ornaments With Love Review and Giveaway


  ornamentswithlove.com I was so excited when this company agreed to send me an Ornament for review. Of course my opinion on this item and company are my own! Part of the magic of the holidays I think happens to be tradition. We have a dear friend that is the god Mother to our son […]

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Birthday Fun for our 6 and 8 year old children!


  This year like others for our middle children we planned a family birthday party. We had asked them like we do each year if they wanted their party together or on their own and like years past they choose together. I picked a date and having no relatives close here we invited just their […]

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Can mobile phones be educational for our children?


    One of the biggest debates parents have these days is whether they should let their kids have a mobile of their own.     By Juhan Sonin via Flickr.com   Some parents are even allowing their children to have phones at the age of six. A survey carried out by The Marketing Store […]

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A Stranger Made This Military Wife Cry

  While out shopping a few days ago at a very unlikely place, Walmart, with my husband and 2 of our children something unexpected happened. We had gone there as we rarely do because we happened to be under a time crunchy for the birthday party the next day for 2 of our children. They […]

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers: Five Ideas for Unisex Toys


  = If you’ve not already had to deal with it yet, you’ll soon have to; before you know it, you’ll be faced with seas of pink and blue when all you may wish to do is keep toys unisex. While the stores are partially to blame due to the way they advertise boys and […]

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