A Healthy Giveaway To Love — NestFresh — Ends 4/8

  Mom Are We There Yet has another healthy review!   Who doesn’t love fresh eggs? NestFresh has eggs from cage-free chickens for you and your family. You can learn more by reading the review. Right now one lucky person can win a 2 months supply of eggs (which we would be coupons for a […]

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The smoothie not to miss! Antioxidant Packed Bliss!


The nutribullet is wildly popular right now and maybe with good reason! Unlike most blenders it actually can handle seeds and peels and unlike juicers you don’t lose the fiber and so much more. So why drink an Antioxidant smoothie at least once a week? Because Antioxidants are great for your immune system. They can […]

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The Things Your Child Might Really Be Learning in School that Parents Are Ignoring


  Are your children learning things you never expected them to in school? I think most parents answer Yes to this. Many try to ignore these issues or just come to accept them as things that can not be helped. Sadly many parents are not even aware there are other options for some. Now before […]

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Guest Post: Schools in Surrey

Schools in Surrey  As parents, it’s our responsibility to ensure our children gain the best education possible. This often requires us to scour the many schools in the local area and if worst comes to worst, such a task could even mean relocating.   Why move to Surrey?  Located in the picturesque south of England, […]

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My 6 year old is ready for riding lessons


           When is a child ready for riding lessons? It might be sooner than you think? Many toddlers get on horses and start young. While I know this as I have seen it I just wasn’t sure my little girl was ready for lessons. We just moved to GA and lessons […]

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Guest Post: The essence of the city

New York is that crazy city we all know from movies, traveling and some of us from living there. It is the city that has a lot of everything. There are lots of restaurants, millions of people and a big number of New York photographers. You cannot say that these photographers are somehow different from […]

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Helping Teens With Military Moves


  It is said that a military move is as hard on teens as divorce and dealing with death even. I have come to see how true this is with my own teen. Since her friend moved a few months back and then our own move, things have been specially hard on our oldest daughter. […]

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Laura Bailey Peetros


Laura Bailey Peetros 1964-2014   When you really get down to it and think objectively… 90% of what people get all hot and bothered about…. Just really doesn’t matter that much in the grand scheme of life.. Don’t sweat the small or even medium stuff.. It’s not worth it. –Laura Bailey Peetros   She was […]

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Review – Greenwood’s Auto Drive In — Alive and Well!


Greenwoods Drive-In www.25drivein.com 3109 Hwy 25 South Greenwood, SC 29646 Telephone: (864) 942-98 71     One of the perks to moving to GA I have learned is that there are still drive-ins here! There is actually 2 of them about an hour from where I live near Augusta GA. Though both are on the […]

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There are places that still do not have Recycling?

  I have to admit, I had forgotten a bit what life is like when living in GA. Who can blame me? It has been about 10 years and plus, this is a different part of GA. One shouldn’t paint a whole canvas the same color right? Oh goodness me I find myself so very […]

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Keeping a Secure and Eco-Friendly Home

green grass house with cute little girl

  Guest Post Tips for keeping your home safe without creating excess waste Keeping your home and your family safe at all times is a top priority for all families. There are many ideas floating around on how to make your home more secure, such as leaving the lights on, using high-powered flood light outside […]

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This is adorable – Chicks in Dresses


So far, we are loving backyard chickens. Granted our 6 chicks are still in the garage as they are little and it is cold out. We have read that the right time to get them outside into a coop and run are at 8 weeks so we have about 4 weeks left. This is a […]

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GUEST POST – Putting Paternity To The Test


    GUEST POST Whenever paternity is in doubt, it is a difficult time for everyone involved. Whether to ascertain infidelity or gain child support, the issue is often highly personal and emotional, taking its toll on all sides. Indeed, the only easy part of the whole process might be the test itself. Ordering a […]

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Polish Madness Giveaway — Ends April 7th 2014

These nail polishes were purchased for this giveaway and not provided by the brands. Life of a Mad Typer is celebrating 2 years of blogging in this amazing Blogiversary event. Mad Typer, Ruby, is a blogging friend who is such a delight to be around. She has a blog that is very different from my own […]

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Dear yard, it is spring and your a mess…. now what?


     New House, New Yard, Now to decorate! We are still neck deep in boxes so don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to change it all at once. However with 7o degree days spring is here and the itch to make the yard look great has certainly hit. This house sits on […]

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Parents Who Coddle Are Idiots or Your Wrong About Them!

  There is an inflammatory piece on the web now that is neither brave or helpful and I don’t like adding to it’s attention but I think it puts an eye on something important, is this what a bully likes like when they are a mother and now on the playground with their own kids? […]

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Guest Post – A space of their own

While we are sociable beings, personal space and privacy is hugely important. We all like having a space of our very own, and this rings as true for kids as it does for adults. Do you recall how it was when you were young? Your bedroom became a place of sanctuary, a place where you […]

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Military Life – Maybe you shouldn’t live on Post


   The Military is Going Green, maybe. There is this wonderful spirit of caring for the planet that is circling around the military. While I love going green, I think maybe military housing is using it though as an excuse to increase their profits. Military housing is now run by private companies and not our […]

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