One heck of a scare! Kids and Strangers!

I was up all night in pain and my teen (almost 15) agreed to watch all her siblings for me so I could sleep as long as possible this morning once I was able to fall asleep. No biggie. Only at 11am the kids all woke me up rather concerned. A guy in a beat […]

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Our Back Yard Ducks Update


Our adorable ducklings are now much bigger! I think we can even guess at their breed! They look like runner ducks. See how this one stands right up! They are very adorable! They have gotten so big it is time they live outside and not in the brooder in the garage any more. Most days […]

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Win $50 Paypal with Prime Lawyers


As a crunchy parent I find many topics I have passion about and I know there are a lot of other crunchy parents that are the same way. We parent a bit differently than most people and sometimes this gets us in legal trouble. I can’t say I have had much experience with the legal […]

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Guest Post: Helpful Hints For New Psychology Teachers

Congratulations on starting your new teaching career! Now, the hard work begins. As you meet your new students and other faculty members, doing your best in the classroom will always be in the back of your mind. The thought of teaching courses in psychology can be daunting for new teachers, but there are many helpful […]

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Making Summer Fun – Part 1


   Making Summer Fun For The Family Summer is here! That means most kids are out of school and parents tend to be looking for ideas on how to keep kids busy and happy and safe! Even though we are into crunchy parenting and we homeschool that doesn’t mean we don’t think about those same […]

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Review: Hyperbiotics – So glad to have this!


Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. I could not have gotten Hyperbiotics PRO-15 at a better time! If you know the importance of probiotics and you looking to try something you have not tried before, I would suggest this! (Though of course I am not a Doctor so ask yours first – […]

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$100 Giveaway For our Facebook Fans!

What would you do with an extra $100 if you had to absolutely spend it on yourself? With the weather here in Georgia being so very nice it has my family outside a great deal. So many other bloggers have been busy posting about beautiful gardens and here I am still trying to get this […]

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Things are crazy! Dreaming of a Kid Friendly Vacation

Oh for the love of vacations! I need one! It is something we hear fairly often right? This is true for the Mom groups I am part of, even the crunchy parenting ones. Sometimes life just gets so hectic and crazy and chaotic that we long for something different for a bit. Like most crunchy […]

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How to Break a Bloggers Heart!


    It isn’t what you think! My wonderful facebook fans and some odd 15,000 twitter fans know how heart broken I am these days. One would think the way to break a bloggers heart is by telling them horrible things, calling them names, or calling them out on something they are wrong about. Certainly […]

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Create Beautiful Outdoor Summer Spaces To Love


       You are the creator of your happiness and your space! We know that our lives are in our own hands and that our happiness is as well. If your not happy, change something! You are that powerful that you can do this! Of course the recipe for happiness is not the same […]

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#Giveaway Giftcard to The Ultimate Green Store

If there is one thing that helps pull me in as a customer it is a company that is eco-friendly! I love shopping green! In this society of disposable everything and where our planet is for sale to line the pockets of corporations I think it is very important to vote with our wallets. I […]

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Home Makeover: A Stylish Yet Kid-Friendly Home Redesign

Home Makeover- A Stylish Yet Kid-Friendly Home Redesign PIC

GUEST POST     Creating a kid-friendly environment conducive to to energetic kids is a simple fix. Many people fear they will have to sacrifice style in order to have a family-friendly home; however, that is simply not the case.   With these simple makeover tips, your home can be both stylish and safe for […]

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Life with 3 week old Ducklings!


 Raising Ducklings   Here is our Duckling Update! Our 4 little ducklings we had gotten from Tractor Supply a little over 3 weeks ago are far from little! Our teenage daughter jokes that we can about watch them grow! Like all ducks, we have been quickly reminded that these are messy little guys! While we […]

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Special Thank Your Mother Giveaway Not To Miss


To help Celebrate Mother’s Day and help keep us mindful and help with great gift ideas we are joyed to present to you this special giveaway with not one prize but many beautiful prizes! As this giveaway ends days after Mother’s Day due to blog hosting issues has been dealing with. Still, we are […]

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4 Prizes in One #Giveaway

Mom Are We There Yet has brought you this awesome giveaway for Mother’s Day. What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day then having some gifts for the special mom in your life. This giveaway has 4 prizes. All will be to one winner. Infused Jams Three Mini-Jar Jam set. California Delicious– awesome gift baskets for […]

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