Common Core – Another Reason We Homeschool

  It is a question that gets asked often it seems, “What do you think about Common Core?”  You might be expecting this post to be a diatribe of disdain for the government sticking it’s nose in education. That is certainly what you most likely would get from a Fundamentalist Conservative homeschooling parent. I however […]

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News: Judge says no vaccines, no school, for public health. What next, no perfect genes, no kids, for public health!

by Jeffrey Hamilton

News: Judge says no vaccines, no school, for public health. What next, no perfect genes, no kids, for public health? Image by: Jeffrey Hamilton Think about it, just what are we willing to give up for public health? Fact: Some people have vaccine reactions. Fact: Some people die from vaccine reactions. Fact: The public tax payers […]

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Giveaway +Review: Pure Natural Raspberry Ketones


When I was offered a chance to review Pure Raspberry Ketones I thought, what could I lose? See I have fibromyalgia and it makes it very hard to move most days, some days it is near impossible. Like many others with this condition the weight just piles on, partly due to medications used to manage […]

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Giveaway – $50 Amazon Gift Card & Latte + Granita Pre-Treatment Cleanser by Skintrium

skintrim giveaway2

This wonderful luxury skin care giveaway is brought to you by Skintrium. Have you ever tried them? Do you take care of your skin? If your a busy Mommy like I am and don’t know just what your skin needs you might want to check out their site and their FAQ section. I love how […]

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Will the Happify App help you be Happy?


  It might! But this is what happened for me. I love things that combine science and active psychology and of course APPs are all the rage. Why not practice some mindfulness in my spare moments? Who doesn’t want more happy in their lives? At first when I signed up for free all was going […]

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Homeschooling: We can’t allow predators to hide behind us.

Monsters Among Us It is with a truly heavy heart that I post about this very sad topic, there are predators hiding in the homeschooling community, and there are those covering up the crimes and shaming the victims. I am lucky to not know any personally but if I did, you know I would not […]

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7 Current Trends in Kids Fashion

Guest Post Kids don’t always care about how they look, but that’s where you come in as a parent. If you’re tired of t-shirts and muddy sneakers, here are seven must-haves for turning your little grub into a walking fashion statement. 1: Denim Denim has long been a favorite of the stressed-out parent, the kind […]

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Should you duct tape your child to the floor for nap time?


  I think when asked most parents would say that they absolutely would never duct tape a child to the floor for nap time. Right? It seems though one private Montessori school (Heart 2 Heart Montessori Academy in Willow Park) thinks it is a good idea. Why else would they have reported done it to […]

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5 tips for beautiful bare feet this summer!


Some people love their feet and some people hate their feet but all people must care for their feet regardless. They will take us where we want to go but they will not take care of themselves! While we are all out enjoying the beaches and pools this summer, lets make sure we pay attention […]

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DIY: Square Foot Gardening


Our Square Foot Garden 2 Weeks ago we decided to tackle our first square foot garden! Cost: About $60 for wood, string, soil, and plants We already had on hand the news paper for layering and we had natural non-toxic wood treatment.  The basics are simple, 4 boards put together to make 4 internal feet […]

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5 Common Sense Tips To Keep Summer Weight Off

Guest Post I am not a Doctor, your mileage may vary! You might be a Mom who just had a baby or a Mom who had a baby years ago and never got the baby weight off. Weight loss is an issue for so many of us and as we age our body changes. Eat […]

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Sign Up for Ivy Kids Kits and Keep Learning Fun!


Part 1 of Ivy Kids Review For Kids ages 3 – 8 Ivy Kids Kits are a monthly box service that provides mail specially for your small child that is packed with fun and learning! The July Box includes a book that sets the theme for the monthly box, a book mark, and 10 […]

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Never marry someone who wouldn’t be a great Daddy


Poster they made Dad for Fathers Day. Yes, he let the 4 kids eat most of the candy! LOL They knew he would! When I was a teenager I was a wild little thing. I wanted to get out into the world and experience everything life had to offer and to heck with the rules. […]

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Reason 113 Why We Homeschool – Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys!


    Lets face it, kids do one thing well, they learn! They do not however always learn the things we wish them too! Before they are born they are learning our voices, when they are born they learn how to get us tall humans to do their bidding, and before we know it they […]

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Review: Fresh Tips – Brushing on the Go!


  When I first heard of FreshTips I thought instantly the product was a win and I was happy to be asked to review them. Simply put, they are an easy on the go way of brushing and freshening your teeth. Did you race out of the house without brushing your teeth? Did you go to […]

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#Giveaway + Review – Beautiful Verilux Lamp


Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Verilux was nice enough to send me this beautiful lamp that is perfect for reading and crafting. It isn’t like most lights that strain the eyes because of glare. This light is designed to help the eyes see contrast and reduce eye stress! Plus, it […]

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Use the Television to Educate

Use the Television to Educate

    For many parents, television can be a source of good or, well, a source of evil to some. While there are definitely some shows on television that parents should make sure their kids steer clear of, there are a plethora of educational and fun shows that kids can enjoy, especially when watching with […]

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Reason 103 Why We Homeschool – Home is Sacred


  In a country were it seems we work to work some more and home is just a way station on the way to work I think Family life, the home is being neglected. Families on average are said to get only 8 hours together per week given modern demands on our time. One of […]

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Top 10 Tips to Clean Your Contact Lenses


Doesn’t it confuse you whenever you enter in the aisle for contact lenses care products in the supermarket? Although contact lenses are a small product yet it can be really heavy when it comes to protect them. However, that’s true too that if you don’t take care of them or clean them, they will wear […]

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Does Your Homeschooler Need To Dissect Dead Animals?


       This is reason 110 why we homeschool! Our kids are not forced to dissect cats! Nor do they need to feel like they are not smarter, stronger, or cooler than a dead cat if they choose to not go digging around in it’s stinky eye watering guts!  A blogging friend ( posted […]

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GOTS Fabric – A Beautiful Eco-friendly Choice!


GOTS Fabric – one step closer to living an organic, eco-friendly, and socially conscious life!  GUEST POST BY: Melanie RG. She is a teacher, a scientist, and a seamstress who encourages her two children to get dirty exploring the garden while observing all the wonders of Nature. Follow her adventures in sewing, organic gardening, and homeschooling […]

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Reason 29 we Homeschool: Not Pushed Into Drugging Kids


      One of the Many reasons we Homeschool   While there are children who very much need support and care when it comes to their mental and social issues, there seems to be an explosion in the number of children labeled with ADHD and there seems to be a push to get as […]

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Simple Home Made Finger Paint – Part 2

photo 1 (1)

 Playing with Home Made Finger Paint I am impressed by this finger paint recipe though I was not sure when making it that I would be. It is very sticky and at first I didn’t think that was a good thing but now I know it is a great thing! It needs to stick to […]

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Guest Post – How to Choose Certified Removalists


  Image by Vic via Flickr Are you moving soon to a new home in the city, in another town, or even in another country? Packing up all your furniture and memories and moving miles away not only takes time but patience and experience. Many professional removalists have several years of experience and can make your […]

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Review – QSpeed CoQ10 100mg Fast-Melt Tablets


Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.   I wanted to try this supplement because I think Coenzyme Q10 is very interesting and might help with my health. Of course I am not any kind of health care professional and I am not giving anyone advice, just sharing my experience. There is some […]

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A Rebuttal to “Why I Don’t Make My Son Share”


Will my children grow up to think the world owes them because I taught them to share?  The Rebuttal I read a rather interesting opinion piece that is making it’s way around facebook and Mommy groups. The title is catching and I thought it would be filled with some great information, maybe a bit of […]

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Giveaway + Review — Every28


Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.     I have to say I love the concept of this monthly box! There are many monthly boxes out there, mostly for things we don’t actually NEED. My teen gets a monthly nail polish box, my little kids get educational/crafty monthly boxes, and […]

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Tips to Help You Turn Your Internship Into a Full Time Job

One of the main benefits of looking for internships on respectable websites like Endeavor is that the summer job has the potential to lead to a full-time career. This can minimize a lot of stress as you return to finish school after your internship is over. You will not have to go through the interviewing process again, […]

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Simple Home Made Finger Paint


How to Make Home Made Finger Paints One of the sad things these days is that so many art supplies have chemicals in them and even come from other countries. Sometimes we just want something that is simple and that we know is safe for our children play and create with. Some days we just […]

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Call The Midwife – Remembering My Homebirth

  Have you watched the show Call the Midwife? I hadn’t till a few days ago and it is an addictive show. I had no idea about this show before a bit ago and goodness I have been missing out. With the lull in good television shows this time of year (I know this happens […]

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